10 Fun End-Of-Year Awards to Recognize Your Remote Employees

Arrange end-of-year awards is important for virtual employees. We’ve composed ten fun awards that will increase remote employee engagement.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, in particular the remote workforce. Subsequently, virtual employees need a boost, especially at the year-end. Therefore, thank your virtual team with meaningful end-of-year awards for employees.

In fact, making your employees feel valued is a key part of management and creating an employee brand. But, showing employee appreciation isn’t as simple as sending a generic email. After all, no one wants to work a thankless job or feel unappreciated. Next, that’s where some creative end-of-year awards for employees come in.Companies that don’t value employees generally experience high turnover and burnout. According to Glassdoor, 53% of employees say recognition attracts them to stay in a job for longer.

Why is employee recognition even more important in remote teams?

Needless to say, team building is the key to successful virtual teams. Furthermore, showing appreciation for your staff is even more important for remote employees. In fact, the Harvard Business Review says remote workers are often forgotten about. It’s the age-old saying – ‘out of sight, out of mind’. End-of-year awards for employees are important for virtual management. Well, now we know the benefits of rewarding your virtual team. It’s time to discuss the gifts you can give to your top-performing employees.

What kind of gifts are best for virtual employees?

For example, wellbeing gifts and hotel stays are perfect end-of-year awards for employees. Why not introduce an employee recognition program to make things easier? Look no further, Online Rewards is an affordable employee recognition program.

How would employees grant these gifts you may ask? Through virtual end-of-year awards, of course! Following on, we’ve composed ten awards that show your virtual team that you care.

Furthermore, have a read through our list and see if any employee comes to mind. Sometimes it can be tricky to choose one employee for each award. Why not even have many winners, the more the merrier? In truth, the best way of showing thanks is with a fun virtual awards ceremony.

And the award goes too…

  1. Netflix Buff Award: Most likely to have watched everything on Netflix. This winner is always sending in excellent recommendations. The Netflix Buff often provides a summary at the start of catch up meetings.

  2. Excel Whiz Award: This award is for the employee most likely to know every excel function. The office Excel Whiz is a master of formulas.

  3. Giphy Award: Most likely to reply with the best GIF, no matter what the conversation. This is one of the most prestigious end-of-year awards for employees.

  4. Proud Pet Award: This award goes for the employee who shares the cutest pet pics. Everyone knows that a cute pet picture brightens up the mornings.

  5. Muted Award:  This funny award goes for the employee who is most likely to talk with a muted microphone. We’ve all been guilty of that sometimes.

  6. Dodgy Connection Award: Most likely to cut in and out during a video call. One of the amusing end-of-year awards, this could be a prize for your rural living employees.

  7. Coolest Mug Award: This award is most likely to have the best mug for the virtual morning cup coffee.

  8. Chill Award: Most likely to stay calm even during times of stress. This chill award is one of the coolest end-of-year awards for employees.

  9. Night Owl Award: The Night Owl award goes for appearing as “active” during the strangest hours of the night.

  10. Early Bird Award: The early bird catches the worm. This award goes to the employee most likely to be online before sunrise (and coffee).

And that’s a wrap…

To end, virtual end-of-year awards for employees can be as imaginative, and delightful as you’d like. Just make sure they’re entertaining and relevant to your virtual team. Why not ask employees to dress up as if they were going to a real-life ceremony. Go one step further and assign an MC and provide live entertainment.

A spectacular end-of-year awards ceremony party shows employees how much you value them. Check out a free trial for your end-of-year awards for employees. Why not book a guided tour with one of our team to enhance your virtual event.

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