12 Essential Questions to ask Employers at a Virtual Career Fair

virtual career fair questions

Are you planning on attending a virtual career fair but are unsure what questions to ask potential employers? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual career fairs have become more and more popular in recent years due to how affordable and more comfortable it is to host a career fair online.

We have to ask, “What questions should I ask at a virtual career fair?”

1. Ask about the role

One of the first questions you should ask when enquiring at a virtual career fair is to ask about the role(s) offered. Ask for a job description. The more you ask about the position, the more interested you will come across. You should ask this question first so you know the specific roles offered.

2. How to apply for the job

Applying for a job can be different for every place of work, so you must know how/where to apply. It may just be an application form on their website or an email to send your resume and cover letter. Without knowing how to apply, how can you get the job? A good way to prepare a resume/cover letter if you have yet to do so is by exploring templates on Canva.

3. Ask about the hiring process

After you send off your application form or resume, the hiring process will begin. It is best to be informed about the specific stages of recruitment the company has. Ask about the interview process and what kind of questions asked so you can best prepare.

4. Ask what the recruiter likes about their job

Asking the recruiter at the virtual career fair about their experience within the organisation is a great way to understand the company better. After all, they would know a lot more about what it’s like to work for the company than you would. 

5. Is it remote work

We all know how different the working world is in 2021, so it is essential to understand where you will be located whilst working. Will you need high-speed Wi-Fi, a personal laptop? Some people struggle to work from home and find it easier to be in an office environment, so it is best you know the answer to this question by asking at the virtual career fair.

6. What are the typical working hours?

Understanding how much of your time the company will be looking from you is critical to know before applying for a job. If a company expects too much of your time and you only find out towards the end of the recruiting process, it will put you in an awkward position. Ask if overtime is required, and make sure you can fit the job into your schedule before applying!

7. Ask about annual leave

Some companies approach annual leave in different ways. Some times of the year you won’t be able to take annual leave due to a busy period. Knowing how a company handles annual leave is important before working for the company and thinking about booking days off for special occasions.

8. What qualifications do I need for the position

Understanding exactly what qualifications you should need before applying for a job is vital. You don’t want to apply for a job without the necessary requirements as it’s just a waste of time for both you and the company. It also helps you to prepare for what the company will be looking from you.

9. What kind of training programmes do you offer

There is a significantly more competitive field out there today. This means that employers must be willing to invest in their employees’ skillsets. Understanding what a company provides in increasing your skillset is a vital aspect of applying for a job.

10. What are the biggest challenges

Understanding what challenges you will face while working for the company before you start your application process puts you in the right mind frame for the job. It will help calm your nerves and relieve stress as you will know what to expect if you are to receive a position.

11. What kind of salary will I be looking at?

If you are happy with the type of salary the company usually offers for a position you are looking at, it relieves a lot of pressure. It helps you form a better judgment of whether or not the organisation is worth your time. Why look for a job with the company if you can earn a higher wage for the same job?

12. Ask for contact details for further inquiry

Ask for an email address from the recruiter to contact someone who can give you further information or answer some questions you may have down the line. Doing this can take a lot of strain off your mind as you begin to apply for the position.
And there you have it, your answer to “what should I ask at a virtual career fair. Are you attending a virtual career fair soon? Check out our blog post “Attending a Virtual Career Fair? Here are 7 Ways to Prepare Beforehand”

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