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Remo vs. Sococo for Remote Teams


Under the effects of unrestrained globalisations and technological advancement, more and more companies see the value in hiring virtual employees and remote teams as a golden opportunity. While working remotely is becoming a hot new trend, there’s also a sudden growth of  remote working tools in the market. 

Remote working video conferencing softwares help business owners to manage their remote teams online. We would like to compare Sococo and Remo based on its price, features, audio/video quality, UL layout, and support, and hopefully you can find the best fit for your business.

Remo vs. Sococo

Audio/Video Quality
UI Layout
Computing Resources Consumption


Sococo offers an all-inclusive pricing with only a slight discount provided when you purchase in bulk, which is expensive to startups that might not need all the features provided. All plans include iOS and Android mobile apps.

Pricing Model of Sococo

Priced from $20 – $70, Remo provides a more affordable and flexible pricing model so that you can choose a Remo Virtual Office plan that is right for you, based on the features you need, but not by the number of seats.

Pricing Model of Remo

Audio/Video quality

Audio and video is the main focus for any video-focused remote tool. It is hard to compare two platforms for video quality as it really depends on the location and internet speed of you and your call participants. 

Despite being hard to compare take a look at an average video stream that Remo guarantees you with below. A quality real-time video and audio replicates the “tap-on-the-shoulder” effect, Remo is here to emulate your real office environment and bring it to the next level.

Remo knows the importance of keeping your remote team connected by quality video/audio experience, because it helps to prevent isolation despite working apart. Rather than daily tasks feeling monotonous, remote employees will feel as though they’re part of the community. To serve such a great purpose, Remo promises you with a powerful video/audio capacity on a call together in real time. Accommodating up to 20 people with their videos on and 30 people with audios on, Remo’s is granting you the tremendous convenience to contact with other people in the company on a daily basis you can see in the picture below.

Our video streaming infrastructure is one of the best in the world providing 720p quality video to all corners of the globe. Here is our global server distribution:

With multiple servers in every major continent Remo can guarantee users with speed, flexibility and a more stable connection.

  1. Auto-scaling Video quality dependent on user network connectivity
  2. Maximum frame rate 30 fps

Audio and video quality is very hard to compare between two services because it depends on a number of factors, for example:

  1. The internet speed, coverage and quality of your bandwidth/ISP provider
  2. The internet speed, coverage and quality of other participants on the call
  3. The quality and the amount of traffic on your wifi router
  4. The technical specifications of your computer
  5. Your geographical location
  6. How many apps and browser windows you have active on your desktop
  7. The number of people that have video turned in the call

All these factors can affect your call quality performance and this really depends on your own personal experience as each person’s situation is different. We highly encourage you to try Remo with your team to see if the audio and video quality works for your situation, try your free trial here!


When you compare Sococo and Remo in terms of their feature development, Remo focuses more on developing features that enhance collaboration, but also enhances social interaction and the feeling of being with a team.

Map Functionality

Birds-eye view of your office space 
Indicator to show user connectivity
Visibility in other users audio/video/screensharing
Open multiple spaces
Virtual Office Map Layout*Choose from a collection of floor plansFully customizable map
“Get” a user into your room
“Knock” on a door to enter into a room
“Lock” the room for privacy

*Virtual Office Map Layout

Research has shown that office design has a huge impact on productivity level, and Remo knows you might want to embed your company culture into your virtual office environment. Take a look at the conference map for The Remote Work Summit below as an example of a fully custom map that Remo offers you. 

UI Layout

Collaboration tools

Google doc integration
Slack chat integration 
Document sharing
Whiteboarding feature*
Record voice messages and send in chat*

*Whiteboarding Feature

The additional “whiteboarding tool” that Remo has for in-app collaboration also adds more value to your user experience. A platform that truly mimics a real office environment. By constantly addressing different user feedback and needs, Remo is ready to co-create a better virtual remote working office hand in hand with you. 

Voice messaging*

Just like any other online messaging software like Whatsapp and Instagram, Remo’s in-space voice messaging feature allows you to communicate with contacts and groups instantly. As voice messages convey better tone than just bare texts, it provides an enriching chat experience with more value-adding conversations. Communication has never been so easy with a combination with both texts and voice messages on Remo platform.

User Functionality

User management
Change your user status
Emoji expressions(beta)
Shareable meeting links for guestsNeed to pay for guestsInvite unlimited guests
Change profile picture and nameName onlyProfile picture + name
In-app space chat
Multiple concurrent screenshares

Audio/Video and Broadcasting

Maximum capacity with video on1220
Maximum capacity with audio onUnknown30
Change audio/video input and output
Global audio/video stream infrastructure 
Space broadcasting (broadcast video to the entire space)
Unlimited audio and video conferencing
Audio fallback*
Dial into meeting room

*Audio Fallback

We know that the internet connection is one of the key factors that affect the video/audio quality and hence your virtual meeting experience. Remo’s Audio Fallback function tries to minimize this effect by dynamically prioritizing audio in response to network quality. 

We achieve this by

  • Customizing an adaptable frame rate
  • Reacting to network conditions in real time by reestablishing through our video-recovery capability when conditions change.

Device and browser compatibility

iOS and Android mobile apps
Browser support (move to features)Chrome onlyChrome only
Native app

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UI Layout

Emulating a 2D top-down map of your office like “The Sims” but for collaboration, Remo and Sococo both have a similar vision in making a visual map the foundation of the virtual office.

Office Map of Remo

One key difference is that Remo has an unrelenting focus on keeping things simple and focusing on the video streams and the map as we believe that is what defines an amazing experience.

We also focus on making the experience personal and authentic, therefore having profile pictures of the user both on the avatar and also in the video stream with then video is turned off.

Office Map of Sococo


Remo recognizes that security is an essential factor for video communications, and that’s why we provide encrypted and authenticated infrastructure. With fully confidential meeting calls and secured data, Remo strives to offer you the safest user experience.

Here are some of the major security features that we have:

  • Anonymized user data(including logins, IP addresses and identities) 
  • Industry standard security technologies and application level authentication
  • Encrypted archiving 
  • Regional Media Zones enabling media hosting and traffic signaling
  • Latest compliance and privacy regulations set forth by GDPR 
  • Support AES 128-bit and AES-256 for encryption on media streams

Computing Resources Consumption

During our development one of our main focus was to ensure that our product does not consume a large amount of computing resources. Here are some of the areas where we have  worked on to ensure that consumption is minimal.

During a Video or Audio call

During the call we have seen resource consumption will increase as you have more users on the call. On our tests we see that on a standard 2013 Macbook Pro, you can have 20 people with their video streams turned on and you may see a little sluggish performance. 

However this will highly depend on your computer’s CPU speed. The higher the computer’s CPU speed the more smooth the application will run with higher numbers of people.

Remo in the background

We have worked to ensure that Remo is almost invisible in the background. We have optimized Remo so that it runs with minimal actions in the background with less than 2% CPU and memory usage.


We know that Sococo has been one of the virtual video conferencing softwares that set a new precedent on this remote working niche market, whereas Remo also has the same vision. The following provides you with a comparison between the two in terms of technical and customer support.

Immediate basic chat support16 hours x 7 days support
Premium support

Remo’s 15×7 support will provide you with the best company that will greatly facilitate your remote working journey. Typically in under 5 minutes, our support team is both responsive and (mike is still thinking) that will patiently answer your questions and address your issues. 

Below shows a conversion of how Remo’s support team responds to your enquiries in the Intercom.

How Remo’s philosophy is different

Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture. Remo is a virtual workspace for remote teams, think of “The Sim’s” game but collaboration. Easily enter rooms and feel like you are working with your colleagues side by side with our immersive map.

We believe that the future of work is not just remote working in your home office/co-working space with minimal human interaction, we believe in a social, dynamic environment that takes the best elements of working at an office  and also working remotely with minimal distractions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make remote working an awesome experience that allows people to develop deep and meaningful relationships where it is difficult to meet face to face. 

Our Vision

We believe in the advent of remote working, and our vision is to make that experience accessible for everyone.

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