35 Ways to Use Remo to Build Engagement for Your Next Online Event

Building engagement with an online audience without relying on social media is tough. Online events hosted on platforms like Zoom and Crowdcast tend to become one-way conversations between you the host and the audience.

But what if you could engage your audience and create a fun and inspiring way to foster connections and build engagement at the same time?

Welcome to Remo.

With Remo you can build engagement for your next online event in a number of ways. 

We put together a list of 35 ways to use Remo to nurture a sense of belonging, connections and foster a place for your audience to connect just like in real life, but online.

1. Switch on your Mic

Gone are the days of ‘chat’ only engagement. Turn on your microphone and get talking with your audience. Just like a Google Hangout or Skype call, but powered with much more features to build valuable connections. 

2. Use your camera

Have you ever wanted to put a picture to a name? Now you can. By switching on access to your camera, you can connect face to face, from the comfort of your home. 

3. Enlarge your video 

If you find the video feature too small, you can enlarge not only your video but also the video of other people during an event. 

4. Return to the map

You just finished a conversation with an enlarged video view. What next? Return the map, join a new table and connect with someone else.

(This what a map looks like).

5. Start Networking now

Mic check, camera check, sounds like you are ready to start networking.

Remo networking powers you to network and connect with other users online, but just like in real life. Move from table to table as you please. 

6. Upload a profile picture

Here’s how.

  • Update your profile 
  • Add a booking URL 
  • Save changes and you’re ready to go!
Click on Update Profile

7. Book meetings with people directly on Remo

Let’s say you meet a creator or entrepreneur during an event. You want to learn more about their product or service. You can either go back and forth in messages to schedule a booking, or you take the Remo way and update your profile with a Calendly link and offer a booking option directly on your profile.

Here’s how.

  • Update your profile 
  • Add a booking URL 
  • Save changes and you’re ready to go!

8. Linkedin connections

With face to face networking, chances are you carry a business card. When you make a valuable connection you do the ritual of exchanging business cards. Once you’re home you do through the tedious task of looking up each contact you made on Linkedin.

What if there was an easier way? 

Introducing your virtual business card on Remo.

  • Update your profile
  • Add your Linkedin profile
  • Save changes and off you go!

9. Timed speed networking

Schedule a number of networking sessions, set timers and network online, just like you would in real life – but without the sound of a bell or whistle. 

10. Online networking just like in real life

You are sold on the virtual business card features, e.g. Linkedin connections and Bookings for calls online. But can you really replicate real life networking and connections, online?

The short answer is yes.

And, the long answer is Y E S!

In a real-life networking scenario you move from one part of the room to the other. You talk, you listen, you exchange contact info and repeat the process until you’re ready to move on. 

With Remo, you have the power to move from table to table and connect with anyone

  • Switch on your mic and camera
  • Update your profile with an image
  • Update your profile with your Linkedin profile
  • Update your profile with a booking link for calls
  • And, you’re ready to network online just like in real life.

Hear how Remo has super-charged the Women in Tech Community

11. Host an online webinar

Host a live coaching session, online workshop or even an online summit.

12. Post a broadcast

Let’s say, you have an event scheduled at 3 PM, but you decide to open up your event 30 minutes beforehand. Your users join the event earlier and use this time to connect with other members. It’s almost 3 PM and you’re ready to go live with your workshop. Instead of messaging each user 1:1, you can instead post a broadcast inviting all your uses in – automatically. 

13. Record live events

Open up access to your live events making a recording. Share a recording with your community, use as part of your online course or sell access to it. 

14. Export broadcast recording

Downloadable access to your recording in your event admin panel. 

15. Export attendee list

Download a list of all attendees, including data on when they joined your event and when they left. Understand the triggers causing your attendees to disengage. 

16. Export Q&A data

Are you losing count of all the questions during your event?

Access all Q&A’s in your event admin panel and export all the data to your computer. 

17. Post anonymous questions

Do you have an embarrassing or silly question to ask? Worried you will get judged? Now you can post questions anonymously without any worry or stress of being judged. 

18. Vote on questions

Vote on the most popular questions and test new ideas with a simple vote.

19. Group chat during live events

Connect with other users in a group chat, accessible to all users online during an event. 

20. Post an announcement

Do you have a special promotion to share, is time running out? Post an announcement, build fomo and push for more sales effortlessly. 

21. White label your Remo space

Brand market your event by uploading your logo, event image and share a tag-line or an event hashtag.

22. Customize your event space

Choose what colours define your event space.

You have the option to choose between:

  • Yellow, purple and pink
  • Purple
  • Pink 
  • or Blue. 
Default event space style
Purple event space
Pink event space
Blue event space

23. Screenshare

All users can do a screenshare! You can either share your work with other members, get live feedback on a project you’ve been working on or anything else.

24. Group chat during networking

The group feature is accessible not only during a live event, but also during networking. 

25. Table chat

You can also engage in a table chat, accessible by all members on your table. Do you want to share a resource or email with other users during your chat? This is the place to do it. 

26. Private chat

If you want to share private information with one person only, you can also reach out with a private chat between you and another user only. 

27. YouTube Live

Did you know you can live stream your event using YouTube Live just from the click of a button.

28. Update your status

So, you joined an event but you have a knock at the door, need to head over to the loo. No problem. You can update your status to show your availability to other users. 

29. Sell sponsorship

Brand placement for sponsors made easy with Remo. 

Upload a logo, share a tag-line or hashtag and let you sponsor sit centre stage throughout your event. 

30. Check your wifi connection

If you find you are struggling to get going with an event, hover over your Wi-Fi connection to see how strong your signal is.

4 Green bars indicate a good Wi-Fi connection
3 Orange bars indicate your Wi-Fi connection is unsteady
1 Red bar indicates your Wi-Fi connection requires attention

31. Mute all

Are you going live with a broadcast or are sending out an announcement?

You can now mute all attendees to place extra emphasis by muting all users.

32. Post an emoji 

Sometimes an emoji says it better than words. Post an emoji in response to a question or comment. 

33. Zoom in

Limit distractions to hop in and out each table by zooming in on your table.

34. Zoom out

Zoom out and see what other table you can join and see who else is has joined an event.

35. Remo support is a click away

Are you struggling to get your mic or camera working? Drop a message to support during your live event, so we can get you up and running in no time. 

Now that you can create user engagement effortlessly, come on over to Remo and create your first event for free.

Get started now.

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