New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 10/21 Release

Feature Updates

Upgraded: Option Icons in Event Description
When you were filling out your Event Description earlier, did you notice these buttons “UL” and “NL”? We got feedback that these were a little difficult to understand. Now they look like the more familiar Bulleted List and Numbered List icons.

Upgraded: Mic and Cam Auto-Troubleshooting Guide for Firefox
When guests who are facing Mic-Cam issues click on the Cam or Mic icon, they should see a pop-up that guides them on how to fix their issues. That pop-up now appears in the center of the screen for Firefox.

Upgraded: Keyboard Shortcuts now match your OS
Previously when you hovered your mouse over the microphone, camera, and share screen buttons, you would be able to see keyboard shortcuts. However, these were all named after Windows keys (e.g., “alt+v”). Now, if you’re a Mac user, you’ll be able to see the shortcuts using Mac keys (e.g. “option+v”)

Upgraded: Added an “Event Not Found” page for deleted or non-existing events
Before, if a guest were to click on a link to a deleted event or make a typo in the event link, they would see a perpetual loading page (and believe there was something wrong with the system!)

Now instead, they’ll be taken to a page that says, “The page you’re looking for does not exist.”

Upgraded: Appearance of the guest list in the “Invitations” tab
Previously, login time, logout time, and time spent in event columns were shown in the guest list on the “Invitations” tab. This was the wrong place to display this information and was confusing for users. Now, you can get this information in the Post-event report.

Relevant Bug Fixes

Fixed: Name tags lingering in Presentation Mode
You may have noticed previously, when you switched over into Presentation Mode that some name tags remained, disrupting your and your guests’ experience watching the presentation. This bug is now fixed! 

Fixed: Raise Hand button appearance
Previously, the Raise Hand button icon was double-layered, so it looked a little unclear. This has now been fixed!

Fixed: General Chat did not automatically scroll down for New Messages
You might have missed a few General Chat messages, as previously, when a new message was posted on the General Chat, the chat did not automatically scroll down to show the new message. This bug is fixed!

Fixed: Action notes in Run of Show
The input fields for the action notes in Run of Show were unresponsive to clicks which made it really difficult to add text. This bug is fixed! 

Fixed: Time input when adding or editing agenda items
Previously, you could only use the up and down arrows to input time for agenda items. Now, you can type the time you want to schedule your agenda items.

Fixed: Emails not getting separated when adding Event Managers
Previously, when adding multiple Event Managers to your account, adding a comma between addresses would not separate the emails. This bug has now been fixed.

Fixed: After resetting their passwords, users were redirected to the sign-in page
Now, if users reset their password, they’re automatically redirected to the Event Registration Page! Be warned though; this does not work for Custom Domains.

Fixed:  Blocking a guest who had not yet joined the event space caused an error
When hosts trying to block a guest before the guest arrived in the event space, the Host would get an error message and would be unable to block the guest. This bug has been fixed! 

Fixed: Post-event report was not showing guest’s login, logout, and time spent in event data
This bug has been fixed.

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