New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 11/2 Release

New Features

New Feature: Added a hint if you are using an unsupported browser 

New Feature: Troubleshooting tooltip when your microphone has no signal

When you turn your mic on, but your computer doesn’t “hear” any noise from you, it will check in with you to see if your Mic is working. You’ll also be presented with a “Troubleshoot” option, which will take you to the Remo Mic and Cam geartest page.

Feature Updates

Upgraded: Event countdown timer

The event countdown timer was bothering some customers, especially during event setup and over multi-day events. So we made some improvements according to your feedback.


  • the timer does not show if the event hasn’t started.
  • the timer only appears when there are 60 minutes or less until the end of the event.
  • when the event ends, the timer shows 00:00:00 in red, notifying everyone still in the event that the event is over.

Upgraded: Mic-Cam selector
Now you’ll always see the Mic and Cam selector triangles even if you have only one device

Upgraded: Agenda button feature

Now, the Agenda feature only shows up when you need it. If you’ve placed items on the Agenda, you and your guests will see the Agenda button in your event. If there’s nothing on the Agenda, the button won’t appear.

Agenda Button!

No Agenda Button!

Upgraded: In-app Guest onboarding sequence

Previously when guests registered for an event, they were shown an onboarding sequence that started with an image of a door and some text. We’ve removed that first image to make onboarding smoother and faster for guests.

Upgraded: “Your microphone is muted” reminder

Previously Remo would remind you that your mic was muted every two minutes.

We’ve upgraded the reminder to show only once after:

  • the user refreshes their browser.
  • the user mutes their mic.
  • the video camera is turned off and then on again.

Upgraded: The “Share Screen” button location on the toolbar

We’ve moved the “Share Screen” button very slightly on the toolbar.

Before this release, it was here:

Now, you’ll find it here

Relevant Bug Fixes

Fixed: Hosts couldn’t remove guests from  the event space

This bug has been fixed.

Fixed: recording suddenly stop issue

Event Video Recording would stop suddenly soon after starting. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed: Settings were not reset when a trial account ended
This bug meant that users could continue to use various custom settings, even though the trial period had expired.

With this bug fix, when a trial account ends following things will be reset and no longer accessible:

  • Exit URL
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Branding

Fixed: HD event recording storage was not emptied when an event was archived

Previously, when Hosts deleted event recordings, Remo did not free up the storage space taken up by the deleted event. 

Now, if the recording is deleted, the host will immediately have access to freed up storage space. Also, if an event is deleted, the recordings connected to that event will be deleted.

Fixed: Error when adding existing attendee as speaker/helper/guest

Previously when an existing attendee was added as Speaker, Event Manager, or Guest, the error below would appear. This bug is fixed.

Fixed: Speakers were showing up as Hosts

Previously, Remo gave Speakers Host privileges and Host-stars on their avatars. This bug has been fixed.

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