New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 11/16 Release

New Features

New Feature: Calendar Invitations on Invitation emails 
Now your event registration, speaker, and guest invitation emails will include an easy way for your guests to add your events straight into their calendars.

If the person opening your email uses Gmail (either on a browser or the Gmail app), they will see a calendar module, which you can see in the screenshot below. 

When the guest opens the invitation or registration email in Gmail, the event will be added to their calendar.

If guests or speakers are not using Gmail, the invitation and registration emails will also include a clickable .ics file, which, when clicked, will import the event into the user’s default calendar software.

Feature Updates

Upgraded: Subscription cancellation and reactivation flow
We’ve made changes to our subscription cancellation and reactivation flows to make the experience easier and more straightforward for you if you need to cancel or reactivate your subscription.

Upgraded: Guest login flow
We’ve redesigned our login flow so that new guests and guests with existing accounts will be automatically guided through the respective processes they need to complete to join your events.

Upgraded: Password length for security
Our password fields now have a maximum length of 48 characters to create even more security for your account.

Relevant Bug Fixes

Fixed: Event recording timer would reset to zero when paused and restarted
Now, the event recording timer will pick up where you left off when you paused the recording. 

Fixed: Guests stuck in presentation mode while presentation mode was running
Now guests won’t get stuck alone in conversation mode during presentations because they’ll be in the presentations with everyone else.

Fixed: No accidental blocking of Speakers, Event managers, or Event assistants
Now, if you accidentally removed a Speaker, Event manager, or Event assistant from your event by right-clicking on them and using the dropdown menu, they won’t be removed from the event.

Fixed: New messages from guests did not rise to the top of the chat list
Now on the chat window, new messages will always be at the top of the chat window so that you won’t have to hunt down new messages from the guest list.

Fixed: AM/PM designation of Agenda item times were displaying incorrectly
You may have noticed that the AM/PM designations for Agenda items were being incorrectly displayed in the Run of Show feature. This bug is fixed!

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