Thinking of Attending a Virtual Career Fair? Here’s 7 Reasons Why


Career fairs create unique networking opportunities for graduates, job seekers and companies who are looking for diverse talent. The pandemic caused career fairs to move online – which isn’t bad news on our watch! Virtual events boast many benefits and virtual career fairs are no different.

We here at Remo believe that the benefits of virtual career fairs outweigh those of physical events. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve put together seven reasons why you should attend a virtual career fair.

1. Less stress

Planning what to wear, what bus to take and where to get your CV printed are left behind when it comes to virtual career fairs. You now have more time to practice your elevator pitch (and sleep), rather than wasting time figuring out the floor plan. You know what they say, ‘less stress, more success’.

2. More convenient

With the hustle and bustle of physical events, networking opportunities are often wasted in search of booth locations, food stalls, bathrooms etc. Virtual career fairs are far more convenient as you are at the ease of your home. You have everything you need at your fingertips. As well as your notes, laptop and cosy room.


3. You aren’t restricted by location

Have you ever wanted to go to an event but it was in a different country? I can name some stellar events that I wish had gone virtually before the pandemic – Web Summit and INBOUND come to mind. Attending a virtual career fair opens up job opportunities that may not have been possible at a physical one. For example, virtual career fairs offer more opportunities to connect with international companies.

5. Cost cutting

More benefits at a lower price – what isn’t there to like. Virtual career fairs are much cheaper and more assessable to attend than a live conference. Bus tickets, food, coffee and new outfits can set you back quite a lot (especially for a recent graduate). Save your money for LinkedIn premium and enjoy the benefits of a virtual career fair.

6. Time saver

Time is money, and in the business world, this is most definitely true. Traditional events are incredibly time-consuming for both providers and attendees. Running from booth to booth, spending time in traffic, searching for the recruiter you’ve connected with – it takes time away from precious networking and valuable learning opportunities.


6. More Networking Opportunities

In a traditional job fair, you are lucky to pass a CV to a recruiter and mumble your name. There is not much time allocated to smaller networking opportunities. With virtual career fairs, you can book 1:1 meeting with recruiters and potential employers. Attention all organisation bunnies – this is the dream. Networking is much easier at virtual events with chat windows, break rooms and 1:1 meetings. Virtual career fairs allow recruiters and attendees to engage in multiple conversations at the same time. Traditional career fairs are more restrictive in the sense that you can only have one conversation at a time. Moreover, virtual chat windows eliminate awkward silences, communication barriers and are much easier to exchange contact information.

7. Save the planet

Think of the last physical event you went to, and all of the waste that is left behind. Attending a virtual career fair not only saves you time, sleep and money but it is better for the environment. Less physical events result in less of a carbon footprint. With the ongoing climate crisis, what’s not to like about virtual events?

Have we twisted your arm into attending a virtual job fair? If so, check out our guide on how to stand out at a virtual career fair. Virtual career fairs are the future of talent acquisition. With increased remote-jobs, offices and companies, it’s only natural that the talent pool should be found remotely. Get ahead of the curve and see how you can turn your traditional career fair into a virtual one here.

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