Physical Reality Meets Virtual Reality: The Hybrid Future with EventMobi!

Lockdown got you scrolling through your Instagram stories lately? Are you tired of seeing your friends in New Zealand attend concerts and large events -in-person- while you’re unfortunately still stuck in a country-wide lockdown?

…Now imagine this…

You are attending the same concert that your dear friends in New Zealand are attending. But there are no planes involved, no 14-day quarantines or COVID tests going into your nostrils. You’re simply “teleported” straight into a bustling live event in an exotic land.

Sound impossible?

Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise.

With some countries easing restrictions on in-person events, while others tighten their regulations, international in-person events might seem more & more like relics of the past (or 2019 to be more specific). But what this means is that the mix of restrictions has bred a new type of “hybrid” event to adapt to the ever-changing travel limitations. 

These “hybrid” events would allow everyone to interact, connect and enjoy the festivities, not just the people present in the event hall but also those stuck in their own bedrooms!

If you catch my drift, you’ll know that I’m talking about…

The Future of Gatherings: Hybrid Events!

…But what exactly is a Hybrid Event you ask?

If done right, these events are the perfect alchemy of in-person and virtual events, but if you’re thinking it sounds easy, it’s not.

A key aspect of hybrid events is the need to make the virtual experience comparable to the in-person experience. This means that videos-on-demand or a plain old boring Livestream will not cut it. These events require interactive elements that can keep a virtual audience as engaged as the in-person audience.

So, while you have a number of people watching a keynote presentation live at a venue in New Zealand, you can also have a larger percentage of your attendees sitting in their homes in London, watching the same presentation! That’s the power of hybrid events.

Hosting hybrid events has a multitude of advantages, but with high hopes come harsh realities, and these events are no exception. 

Planning a hybrid event can feel like you’re planning two mammoth events. You get a double helping of pre-event to-do lists with virtual and physical logistics to solve. 

AND now your event execution and coordination take on aspects of 12-ball-juggling. 

For starters, you need a virtual “venue” and you also have to figure out how you can deliver your content effectively to all your audiences (virtual and physical). All this while ensuring that everybody gets the same networking opportunities and nobody dozes off in front of their laptop screens. 

Sounds like more than what you’re willing to pile onto your plate? Well…

Never fear! EventMobi is here!

Simply put: EventMobi is your one-stop, end-to-end event management platform that allows you to execute highly customized and immensely interactive hybrid events.

And the best part? It’s super easy to use!

With EventMobi’s nifty Experience Manager, you can customize your attendees’ experience from the registration page to the post-event communications they receive. You can even design your marketing website and a branded Event App without a single line of code.

While in-person attendees interact with the guests around them and navigate your event using the Event App, the BIG problem that arises is translating the live experience into a virtual one…

So, the real star of the show, that truly makes an event a hybrid event is…

The Virtual Space

The EventMobi Virtual Space is the online hub for your virtual attendees, where they can consume content, communicate, and network. Think of this platform as the venue for your virtual audience. 

At the start of your event, your virtual attendee will enter the Virtual Space and register, create a profile, and run through the event agenda. This mirrors exactly your in-person attendee’s experience of entering the venue.

You can customize your event Virtual Space to tie in with your unique branding, just like in-person events. You can even restrict content according to ticket types or people groups.

The most important feature of the virtual space is how attendees can consume and interact with the content. Being a self-serve tool, EventMobi allows you to freely integrate whichever live stream, video conference, or video-production-tool you want to use. 

But even with all the tech luxuries afforded by EventMobi, the real hurdle for hybrid events is keeping virtual attendees engaged and giving them the ability to connect and communicate as if they were attending the event in-person.

 A recipe for interactivity success!

Is it even possible to connect in-person and virtual attendees through a shared technological experience?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. And it’s simple!

The live activity feed and social media wall in the Virtual Space allow lively interactions between both types of attendees, and polling keeps the pulse on shared and divergent opinions throughout the event.

While keeping all the event attendees on the same page is very do-able on EventMobi, even to the point of virtual or in-person guests being able to book video calls with each other through the appointment booking feature, there is one drawback…

Spontaneous hallway conversations, often the most valuable conversations you can have at an event, are not a feature of EventMobi. But the team at EventMobi found a way to give guests that experience too…

EventMobi allows integration with a platform that lets you mingle freely on the conference floor, gather in groups around virtual tables, and enjoy authentic conversations that build meaningful relationships.

Remo provides virtual attendees with the opportunity to network in a customized virtual environment before and after sessions, just like in-person attendees. You can even create sponsor booths, where attendees can freely engage with sponsor content as they explore Remo’s virtual environment.

So knowing that the interactivity question is handled, the next question is…

Is EventMobi the perfect fit for you?

If you’re planning a one-off webinar that requires no inputs from your audience or if you want to host an extremely large event with over 10,000 virtual attendees, then EventMobi might not be the right tool for your event.

But, if you are planning an event with numerous simultaneous sessions, followed up with discussions and networking opportunities WHILE engaging audiences from countries that are Covid free AND those that are still under strict lockdowns, then EventMobi might be one of the best additions to your 2021virtual events toolbox.

A must-have for 2021?

At the moment, hybrid events might be the best workaround for Covid-19 induced event restrictions. But the truth is that hybrid events were coming anyway, and they’ll be here way after Covid is just a memory. Traveling for events is always a wildcard, so having the ability to create hybrid events is a good ace to have up your sleeve.

And having the option to have live-networking and discussions in a customizable virtual environment on Remo completes the experience of the hybrid event for online attendees.


If you’re a Remo user who has an interest in hybrid events, EventMobi might be just what you’re missing to make your event a mind-melting blend of virtual and in-person audiences. Check it out here!

And if you’re an EventMobi user who’s now intrigued about how the magic of Remo can help you level-up your hybrid event game, head on over here to find out more.

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