Top 8 High-Tech Tools for Creating Engaging Hybrid Events

hybrid event tools

What is a hybrid event?

Before we talk about hybrid event tools, what exactly is a hybrid event? It’s exactly what you’re thinking – a perfect blend of a physical and virtual event. Hybrid events have been popular for a while but nowadays they are more important than ever. 

Covid-19 caused online events to become the new normal. Now thanks to the vaccine, we have a new alternative- hybrid events. What is the first thing you need when hosting a virtual or hybrid event? The perfect hybrid event tools of course! 

Nobody wants to lose that magical feeling of an event by moving it online. We want to feel connected and engaged with the other attendees. But how do we bring that human element to our virtual event? You need a couple of hybrid event tools of course.

Keep reading to hear about our top 8 high-tech tools for hybrid events.

1. ARHT Media Inc.

Have you ever wanted a guest at your event, but couldn’t make it? This is one of the hybrid event tools that can help! It powers a live, Holographic TelePresence that telecasts speakers into an event. It creates the illusion that the virtual person is at the event, as they speak and move like in real life. With this tool, you can have a guest at your event from anywhere in the world and it feels like the person is there.

2. Glisser

Glisser is one of the useful hybrid event tools for engaging with your attendees. You can create customizable polls, questions and answers, and gamification. It gives the audience a chat to give their input during the event in a creative way. Audience engagement is one of the main challenges of hybrid events. Glisser’s audience engagement tools overcome this by helping attendees engage.

3. Twitterfall

This is one of the best hybrid event tools when talking about Twitter. You can search tweets and hashtags on your online event without having to screen share. We have all seen incidents where screen sharing has gone wrong! So avoid your emails popping up at your online event and use Twitterfall to see social media at your event.

4. Intrado Virtual Events

We all miss the connection of physical events. Intrado Virtual Events is one of the hybrid event tools that brings a personal touch. Some of the features include:

  • Breakout rooms so attendees can chat with each other.
  • Booth interactions so you can come and go from different booths.
  • Networking lounges for in-between talks.
  • Gamification for questions and answers.

5. ViewStub

Have you ever wondered if your virtual event is increasing your audience reach? ViewStub is one of the great hybrid event tools that you can use to track your audience. The software-based sales tool will give allow you to live stream your event. This way, you do not have to pay for videographers to record the event. This will help you to budget your hybrid event and cut down on overhead.

6. Webaround

Of course, at any virtual event, you want to make a good impression on your audience. Webaround is one of the hybrid event tools that helps you to do this. It is a small piece of fabric you can place at the back of your chair which gives a different background on the event. You can choose from a blue, grey or green background. It’s very useful for only $60-$75 to save money on renovating your office.

7. Accelevents

Like physical events, you need to manage marketing for your online event too. Accelevents is one of the hybrid event tools that can help with your marketing. It has many different features you can use:

Using a virtual marketing company can help you to learn how to market for a new style of events.

8. Miro Whiteboard

Miro is one of the best hybrid event tools for presenting your information. The whiteboard function has different colors and sticky notes to present your information clearly and engagingly. You can add text boxes to the screen to type text and change the size and color of the textboxes.

So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know about our Top 8 Hybrid Event tools, go and start organizing your hybrid event!

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