Hosting a Hybrid Event For Your Association? Here’s 5 Things To Consider

association hybrid event

Is your association confused about the future of events? Association hybrid events are an exciting alternative to physical events. But before we talk about what you need for your event, we need to know…

What is a hybrid event?

The clue is in the name- it is a combination of both physical and virtual events. A blend of online content and physical world that offers at least something for everyone. Now that we have a vaccine for COVID-19, hybrid events are a possibility. The world is your oyster with hybrid events leading the charge! It’s time to find out how to run a successful hybrid event!

Top 5 Tips for Association Hybrid Events

1. Virtual Events Platform

Finding a virtual platform is as important as finding a venue for a physical event. If your platform is not user-friendly your guests won’t be able to interact. Not all virtual event platforms offer the same features. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How many people does the platform host?
  • Can I live stream my event?
  • What interactive features does the platform have?
  • What level of customization does the platform offer?
  • Does the virtual events platforms livestream the hybrid event online?

Make sure your association hybrid event platform has a free trial. If you have a free trial, you can experiment and test with the platform and see if it will work for your association.

2. Geographical Location

The physical location of your hybrid event is key for your association. You need to impress your physical audience.

You can use your location as a marketing strategy for your event by posting snippets of the event online. Using social media channels or promoting on your company website or blog goes a long way. Doing this will get your virtual guests excited, and encourage them to potentially attend the event physically rather than just online.

Your association needs to be practical about your hybrid event location too. You will need somewhere that will be able to stream the event online. Some things you should look for are:

  • A good WIFI connection
  • A projector
  • Somewhere for physical speakers to present
  • Cables for physical guests to use their devices
  • A good speaker system

You could bring some of this equipment with you if it is not in the venue. But it would be better for your association hybrid event to have the equipment supplied.

3. Form a budget

You need to include this in your hybrid event budget to keep a track of your event logistics. Hybrid events can be expensive as you need to pay to run the event physically and online at the same time.

To generate more income, you could charge virtual events per guest by selling tickets. You could also sell premium recorded content from the event for your guests after the event. Some extra expenses include:

  • Virtual events platform
  • Experienced Team
  • Marketing for the virtual event

4. Select your guest speakers

Have you ever dreamed of having a speaker at your event but couldn’t get them there? Your association can select a physical speaker based on the location of your event, but your virtual speakers can be from anywhere in the world.

Pick a speaker who will excite your guests and attract new people to sign up for the event. Make sure that your speaker is comfortable with the event platform before the event!

5. Show your guests you care

Associations want guests to sign up after the hybrid event. Whether that is a subscription, a free trial, or updates to your product or service, your guests care about what going on with your company. There’s no better way of attracting members than showing guests you care.

Before the event send out a list of FAQs for the virtual events platform to make sure they can use it. During the event have technical support available for both virtual and physical guests.

Finally, once the event is over follow up with a survey. If you ask your guests for feedback it shows that you value their opinion. Also, the feedback will help you improve your next event.

What’s next?

Now that your association knows our top hybrid event tips, you’re ready for your first event. As we mentioned the perfect virtual events platform is key for your hybrid event. Remo is a virtual event platform that is ideal for your association’s hybrid event.Check out our 14-day free trial to have a go, you have nothing to lose. We also have step-by-step tutorial videos that will help you with our platform.

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