12 Key Elements For Success of Your Virtual Event Association in 2021

virtual event association

Every association, just like yours, is reliant on events. How else can you be sure to attract new members? But with many countries still on lockdown, should we cancel all events? Of course not! Even before mandatory quarantine or isolation, virtual events have been on the rise. Virtual events expand your association from one location to all over the world.

Your association might find virtual events a little bit confusing. But don’t worry we’re here to help. This 12-piece recipe for virtual events will give your association the perfect event.

1.  Plan

No good event can happen without a plan. Virtual events might be new for your association so be sure to write out clear goals and objectives. Some points questions you need to answer include:

  • How will my virtual event be different from my physical event?
  • Can my current team run this event?
  • Do I have the technical skills to run an online event?
  • What do I want to gain from my virtual event?

Be sure to include your team in your plan for the virtual event to get their ideas too!

2.  Virtual Event Budget

As well as a plan you also need to budget your money. Virtual events will have different expenses to physical events. Decide what size the event will be and plan your budget from there. Some questions to answer in your virtual event budget:

  • How big will the event be?
  • Will we charge for tickets?
  • How much is our budget for a virtual events platform?
  • Will we have sponsors for the event?

3.  Training

Virtual events might be new for your association. Make sure your team are properly trained in the technology needed for the event. Try sending your team on a couple of days training so they are comfortable with virtual events.

4.  Marketing

Marketing is important for a virtual event. How can you increase association membership if nobody knows it is happening? There are some differences between marketing for a physical and virtual event. If your virtual event is open to everyone you can market it internationally.

5.  Make an event webpage

Make a webpage with all the important information for your association virtual event. Your webpage should outline the date, time and speakers of your event. Also include tutorial videos and FAQs on your virtual event platform. That way your guests can get familiar with the software before the event.

6.  Guest Speaker

Before the event begins you need to select who will be speaking at it. For your association to make their virtual event stand out a good speaker is key. Try to get someone who will attract guests and make them excited for the event. You need to pick someone who aligns with the values of your association.

7.  Virtual Events Platform

Your virtual event platform is crucial for your event. These will be the eyes that your guest see the event through. Your association might use this virtual event platform one time or subscribe.

Not all virtual event platforms have the same features so do your research! Make sure the software isn’t confusing to avoid any technical issues.

8.  Interactive Features

Your virtual event platform will come with many different features. Some features will make the event more interactive for your guests. People miss the interaction of physical events. So, the more interactive your event is, the more people will come. Some interactive features include:

  • Virtual tables
  • Customizable floor plans
  • Polling
  • Breakout rooms

9.  Technical Support

Technical support is vital for your association’s virtual event. If you or your guests experience any technical issues it will ruin the event. You should select a virtual events platform with good product support. If your event is happening globally, don’t forget the different time zones. A virtual event platform with 24/7 support is best for an international event.

10.  Fun

Even with all our planning sometimes things can go wrong. But the main goal of your association’s virtual event is to have fun! If your guests feel at ease and there is a good atmosphere, they will pick up on this.

11.  Post-Event Survey

Onwards and upwards! Make sure that your association’s next virtual event is even better than this one. Send out a post event survey to collect some feedback from your guests. That way you’ll know what you did right and wrong.

12.  On-demand recording

Record your event and post it online for a couple of days after the event. That way people can look back on it and review anything they miss. Also if the time and date doesn’t suit people they can still buy a ticket and look later.

What Next?

Now that you know our Top 12 Tips for Virtual Events your association is ready! There’s nothing to wait for, start planning your first virtual event.Why not check us out at Remo? Our virtual events platform is perfect for your next virtual event. Check out our free trial or tutorial videos for more information.

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