Top Statistics that Measure Success of your Virtual Events

virtual event statistics

virtual event statistics

2020 became known as the year of the virtual event and webinars. If you can take anything from last year, virtual events are here to stay!  Virtual event statistics are a vital part of understanding just how well your event went down. Virtual event statistics are the key way to knowing whether or not your virtual event was a success or a flop.

Here, we guide you through some statistics that will help determine if your event was a success!

Event Check-Ins and Registration Numbers

This virtual event statistic is a key way of knowing your attendance rate for your events based on your registration numbers. Ideally, anyone who registers for your event but unfortunately due to recent studies there has been an average turnover of 50% attendance from those who registered for the event.


The fastest and most accurate way of finding out if your event was enjoyable and successful is by asking the attendees. This will help you understand where you are going right and where you are going wrong. 

Keep an eye out for returning attendees

Returning attendees are a great indication of customer retention. If an attendee is returning then they are most likely to be a fan of the brand or are willing to become a fan of a brand. If your company has customer retention capabilities it is vital that you work on this by looking at your virtual event statistics.

How long did your attendees stay online?

Again, ideally, your customers will attend the event for the entire duration of the event but this is never really the case for all of them. Use your virtual event statistics to see how long your attendees attended and see where the majority of them left. If there is a large number of people who all left at the same time track what happened during that time as it may have been a seminar that some found boring and improve upon it.

Number of questions asked during Q&A

Q&As are vital for the most seminar and speaker-based events. A vital virtual event statistic is to see how many questions were asked during the Q&A. this shows more interest in your event and shows how engaging your seminars are.

Speaker ratings

You can set up a survey at the end of every speaker to give them a rating based on the audience. This helps you see how well they interacted with the presentation/seminar. This is a vital virtual event statistic to see how well your speakers are engaging with their audience and whether or not the seminar is boring or interesting.

And there you have it five vital virtual event statistics to see how successful your virtual events are. Why not try out one of our ideas during or after your next virtual event? 

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