4 Adventurous Virtual Happy Hour ideas for Team Building

virtual happy hour for team building

We all know it can be challenging to introduce effective team-building techniques on a video conferencing platform. Coming up with ideas of what to do or play can be a little tricky. Well, not to worry because we’re here to give you some four virtual happy hour team-building ideas.

Virtual happy hours are social events held on video conferencing platforms. They open up a terrific environment for team building. There are countless games and topics you can cover when it comes to virtual team building, but our 4 ideas are;

  • Virtual Werewolf
  • Mixology Class
  • Themed party
  • Virtual Icebreakers

1. Virtual Werewolf

Have you ever heard of the game werewolf? If you haven’t, there’s no need to worry; I’m going to walk you through it. Werewolf has a similar aspect to the insanely popular game Among Us, except it’s played in real life rather than a video game. The game’s object is for a majority (the villagers) to eliminate the minority (werewolves) before the werewolves kill all the humans. This can be such a fun team building activity!

The game includes many different roles to choose from, each with their own set of unique skills.


  • Villager – The villagers are normal humans with no abilities. Their entire end goal is to defeat the werewolves.
  • Seer – The Seer is an influential member of Team Villager. They can view any other player’s role in the game. They can use this knowledge to help the villager team.
  • The Fool – The fool is a player perceived as a seer. His job is to fool the villager and werewolf teams into killing him as he/she then wins the game.
  • Werewolf – The role of the werewolf differs depending on what version of the game you are playing. In one night werewolf, the werewolf’s role is to convince the other players that they are not the bad guy and win by not being voted out.

You can see a complete list of Team Villager roles here. Why not give it a go at your next team building happy hour!

2. GeoGuessr

One of my favorite happy hour games to play is GeoGuessr. This is such a fun and simple game that can be great for team building. The whole idea of the game is that it uses Google Maps Street View to drop you in a random location worldwide. You must use the map’s arrows to navigate as if you are walking down the street or country road in real life. You then need to guess where you are in the world. The closer you get to the location, the more points you get.

You could easily play this as a virtual happy hour game as it is so much fun. The person with the most points at the end of the round wins!

3. Trivia Quiz

Why not incorporate the idea of a pub quiz into your virtual team building happy hour? Virtual pub quizzes became a staple in lockdown because they can be a lot of fun! Make out a spreadsheet for the contestants on either Google slides or your preferred software with all the questions. Have your guests write down their answers on a Google spreadsheet. Incorporate some drinks, alcohol, or non alcoholic; the choice is up to you and your attendees. 

A good old-fashioned trivia quiz is great for getting people into a happy and competitive spirit.

4. Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual murder mysteries can be a great team-building happy hour activity! Who doesn’t want to incorporate the classic game ‘Clue!’ into the virtual world? This activity requires planning prior, but once it’s ready to be played, it is a lot of fun!

  • First off, select a theme for the night, Roaring Twenties, Halloween, or Christmas?
  • Next, create your characters. Make sure to give them wacky and fun personalities.
  • Perhaps add some themed music.
  • Make sure you pick the random at random and not to spoil the fun.

This game can be set up easily by using the Master of Mystery kit or by reading their website of tips and tricks to pull off the best murder mystery!

And there you have it! Why not give one of our 4 team-building ideas for virtual happy hour a go at your next virtual happy hour?. Why not check out our article on 8 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities That Your Employees Will Love for more information?

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