8 Ways to Increase Your Association Membership Through Virtual Events

This picture describes and shows how professional associations can increase association membership

Are you worried about keeping up association memberships during the pandemic? Times are uncertain but one thing is sure – virtual events are the perfect solution. Associations cannot without members and events are key in attracting new members. 

You might be unsure how to increase your association membership through online events. Of course, virtual events are new for many associations and you might be intimidated. Don’t worry though, we’re here to share some words of wisdom. Keep reading to hear about how to boost membership through online events.

Here are our Top 8 Tips

1. Plan your event

You need to plan how to increase association membership with your virtual event. What aspects of the event will make new people sign up for your association? Ask your team for their ideas and make clear goals you want to achieve. Some things you need to plan are:

  • An event budget
  • The event platform you will use
  • Marketing plan

2. Virtual event marketing

Marketing is a key aspect of any good event. How can you increase association membership if nobody knows it is happening? Don’t think that your marketing plan is the same for a virtual event as it would be for a physical one. Virtual events happen all over the world so you can virtually market in every country. Some marketing ideas include:

  • Sharing event snippets on social media
  • Using a celebrity guest (Again, the world is your oyster)
  • Email marketing

3. A good virtual events platform

Not all virtual event platforms offer the same features. A good event platform is the best idea of how to increase association membership. We all miss the human interaction that physical events offer! So let’s make sure you select a virtual events platform with engaging features. Here are some features to look for:

  • Gamification
  • Breakout rooms
  • Virtual tables
  • Customizable floor plans

4. Product support

Another idea to increase membership association is good product support. Online events might be new for your members too so make sure you have someone to help. Don’t forget every virtual event platform is different. Even members who have used virtual events before might have issues. 

Customer support for your virtual event is very important as it could crash. Remember not all virtual event platforms offer 24/7 support. Check out the time zone of the product before you buy it. Professional product support will make your event run easier. It will also be less stressful on the day knowing that you have support behind you.

5. Engaging content

If you’re looking for a way of how to increase association membership go back to basics. Content is the main reason why people attend events. When you go virtual your content becomes more important. Put time and resources into your content team. The content you’re providing needs to be original and captivating. Check out this article if you’re looking for inspiration for content for virtual events.

6. FAQs and tips for virtual events

If your guests get technical difficulty during the event it is handy for them to have something to look at. Compose a key list of frequent questions and answers so your guests can look at it. The success of the event is key to increase association membership. Your guests will also appreciate a list of top tips for the virtual event.

7. Networking

Virtual event trends show that networking is one of the best ways to get new members. How to increase association membership with networking? You need to select a virtual event platform that will allow your guests to interact with each other.  One of the main benefits of joining an association is the opportunity to network. The more engaging features there are on your event platform, the more social the event will be. Interactions will encourage new members to join your association!

8. Post-event feedback

No one knows better how to improve your event than your members themselves. Make sure you check feedback to see how to increase association membership. Some virtual event platforms allow your guests to fill in a survey right away before they leave. The feedback your guests provide will help you to structure your future events. You can also analyze where money was well spent which will help you with your next budget.

What is next for your association?

COVID-19 may not be here to stay but one thing’s for sure: virtual events are. Now that your association knows how to increase association membership, you’re ready! Don’t fall behind the times, start organizing your virtual event. At Remo, we have the perfect virtual event platform for your virtual event. We also offer a free 14-day trial, why not check it out? You have nothing to lose. We also have video tutorials to help you use our virtual event platform for associations.

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