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A Chamber of Commerce Conquering the Game of Virtual Events

Company: Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce

Event Type: Networking, Training Sessions, Career Fairs

Industry: Professional Association 


events in 5 months


attendees per event


With the mantra to “be different,” Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce has always stood out from other Chambers. Apart from providing business networking opportunities, they also bring local charities into the fold and deliver socially impactful events. As one of the first Chambers to switch to virtual events, Watford quickly predicted a drop in guest participation due to video conferencing fatigue. To stay ahead of the curve, they looked for a solution that could help them deliver a more engaging and personal experience.

With Remo, they have been able to bring interactivity back and expand their roster of virtual events. The Chamber now hosts almost 10 events a month with an average of 40-50 attendees.

A Chamber of Commerce that always stood out

Beers at 10 am at a bank to create business connections is not the conventional approach for most Chambers of Commerce.

But with a mantra to “be different,” Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce has lived its motto by connecting the community through innovative events.

“We’re not the traditional chamber, which is like accountants and lawyers. We actually want to be really, really socially engaged and socially impactful.”
Chris Luff, CEO of Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce

When the era of virtual meetings and events descended, Watford pioneered online events for Chambers of Commerce. CEO and tech-entrepreneur Chris Luff was presciently aware that video conferencing fatigue would put a dent in participation numbers – months before it happened.

“It’s kind of gone on a curve because initially, we had lots and lots of people come to regular events. We were holding events online every day as I wanted to engage with some part of the community every day. But quickly, people were getting fatigued. Because everyone’s online, and everything’s gone online. So that’s why we went to look for something like Remo because we wanted to change it up.”
Chris Luff, CEO of Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce

The Catalyst that Reinvented Virtual Events

The team at Watford looked for a more inclusive and experiential alternative to keep people coming back for more. 

Remo was their solution to stand out and deliver impactful experiences that allowed guests to form organic connections in a sea of one-directional virtual conversations.

Their catalyst first event was a networking event for digital marketing agencies and hosted 50 attendees. And after almost 5 months on Remo, they are now doing nearly 10 events a month.

With an expanded team of newly-minted brilliant young apprentices, the chamber is bringing Watford back together with innovative and socially impactful events like– mental health first aid training sessions, hands-on professional development workshops, and informative career fairs. 

Creating Unique, Personal, and Inclusive Experiences

The Chamber’s most recent virtual career fair, their largest event so far, hosted 300+ attendees in two concurrent event buildings– a hall for informational presentations and a networking lounge for businesses and candidates to connect.

Additionally, designing custom floor plans has also enabled them to create personal and safe environments for their Mental Health First Aid training courses. Trainees also appreciate having whiteboards on each table as it allows them to keep track of everything they learn easily.

The raving reviews for the Chamber’s events are spreading buzz and excitement in the Watford community. 

“The amount of people who I have spoken to after hosting an event they’ve turned around and said to me, Lee, this is great because it feels like you are in a room. You’re not sitting in front of a screen of 70 people with one person droning on at you. And you just engage with the people you’re talking to.”
Lee Keogh, Apprentice at Watford & West Herts Chamber of Commerce

As restrictions around the UK are easing, Watford is looking towards adopting a hybrid event format. By recreating castles and pubs in a virtual space, they’re hoping to make their events inclusive and accessible to a larger audience.

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