New Features, Updates, and Bug Fixes (effective August 23, 2020)

We’re excited to announce the following features and updates!

New Features

Agenda and Run of Show BETA TESTING Version

This is not the official release. We are gathering data and will encourage Hosts to play around with this new feature, but we don’t recommend using it in live events yet.

Here’s a little introduction to the Run of Show and Agenda feature…

Run of Show is a tool for Hosts that clarifies the planning of events and makes execution of events much easier.

Agenda is a tool that lets Guests know exactly what to expect and when to expect it during their event experience.

You can find both of them on the top right of the screen in an event that you’ve created.

Take the beta versions for a spin and let us know what you think.

We’re looking forward to your feedback.


Improvement in the display of the Event Card
The date and time will now be at the bottom of the Event Card. Previously, it moved relative to the event description.

Previous version New version

Enhanced My events page dropdown menu
We’ve added the “Edit event” option back into the “My events” page dropdown menu because Hosts had trouble finding it.

Improved registration flow for HeySummit guests
When a Guest registers for a HeySummit event at the last minute, they may not be able to immediately access the first session. This is because HeySummit updates registrations in batches every 5 minutes. So the Guest may have to wait for a maximum of 5 minutes for their registration to be completed.

After 5 minutes, the Guest can click on the “Watch Now” button on the HeySummit page to enter the event.

To avoid confusion for HeySummit Guests, encourage them to register via HeySummit at least 5 minutes before attending the event.

Private Remo events can no longer be created using HeySummit
Private events can no longer be created on Remo using third-party event registration tools. The problem is that if a third-party tool is used, the Guest will not automatically be added to the private guest list in Remo, so they will not be able to join the event.

Improvement for the Welcome screen
The Welcome screen has a design upgrade.

Improvement for the Event Description box 
The gray example text now disappears when the Host starts typing.

Improvement of Reset Password popup
We’ve added text to the Reset Password popup for clarity.

Improvement of the “remove guest” popup
Changed wording of popup for the “remove attendee” message 

Improvement on the “Invite your guests” page
We changed the wording from attendees to people.

Improvement of the experience of Hey Summit Users 
Guests who already have a Remo account will now have a slightly different experience of events created through HeySummit. 

Remo will create a temporary one-event-only account for the Heysummit event.

For Guests, this means that when they come from HeySummit, they will not be able to access any existing settings/events/profile data in their existing Remo account. 

However, those Guests will not be logged out of their existing Remo account during the HeySummit event. 

And once the HeySummit event has ended, they can access their existing Remo account without logging in.

Improvement of the sign-up screen user experience
Previously when a user logged in with an account that had an expired trial period, they would see the red message on the screenshot, and all their login information fields would be automatically deleted. 

Now the login information stays in the login fields to make it easier for the user to correct their information.

Fixed Bugs

Remo will now detect multiple Remo browser windows
When you have multiple Remo browser windows or tabs open, the newest browser window will stay open, and the old ones will close.

This update works across devices, but you will have to turn on your cam and mic again for each new Remo browser window that you open.

If you accidentally open a Remo window in the wrong place, you can use the “Disable other Remo applications” button to return to one of your “older” Remo browser windows.

Remo now tells you if there is an incompatibility problem 
Previously, if you tried to connect to Remo with an outdated or incompatible operating system (for example, Windows 7), Remo just showed a white screen as it tried to launch. Now there will be a notification to let you know there may be a problem.

The Private Event confirmation button text now updates when a Guest clicks it
Once a guest clicks the confirmation button, the button text now changes from “Confirm my attendance” to “Attendance confirmed.” 

The password reset email address box is now fully visible 
Previously the email address field for the password reset box was covered over by the user interface. Now it’s fully visible, and it has a new design.

Previous version:

Fixed version with a new design:

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