Interactive Monster Virtual Summits Made Simple!

Imagine organizing an event with multiple speakers presenting simultaneously over multiple days and ensuring that guests make it to all the talks they want to see without any mishaps.

…Sound like madness? 

Or maybe the cause of it? 

It could be, if you’re not careful – this hydra of the virtual events world can’t be handled with a Zoom call or some loosely connected webinars.

If you’ve correctly understood that we’re talking about the challenges of virtual summits, then strap in as you learn the easy way to slay the beast.

But first…

What’s a summit? 

A summit, or a conference, is a gathering of experts in a field of knowledge to share lessons and insights with an audience.

Now, if a summit or a conference sounds a little intimidating, just think of it as a central gathering place for a topic where experts can share their knowledge. You can also think of it as a fantastic way to generate traffic, revenue, and authority for your business.

For an attendee, a summit is a content candy store where they can pick and choose which speakers they want to hear from and how they want to interact with the content and speakers.

If you think about organizing an IRL offline conference or summit, you could imagine it would be an enormous task. Invites, registrations, venues, catering, speakers, attendees, sound systems, and all the rest is a big deal. An offline summit is no joke to create and is usually a year-long project that leaves organizers a quivering pile of nerves when the event is finally over.

Online summits might seem more straightforward since there’s no need to book locations or catering. But arranging the automations for inviting speakers and attendees, handling online registration pages, taming videoconferencing and other technology, creating an intuitive summit experience for guests, running in-event tracking of what kind of experience attendees are having, and MUCH more, is out of the question to anyone who is not a summit specialist AND a tech guru.

In the old days, you’d need a formidable knowledge of variations of Leadpages, email service providers, marketing automation tricks, webinar platforms, Zapier, and a few more, just to get into the Summit game. Right?!? But breathe easy. Now, things are MUCH easier…

Enter HeySummit!

A platform for creating summits and conferences that are easy and intuitive for attendees and speakers and a breeze to set up for the organizer. With its smooth automations on the front and back end, you can run frequent summits without losing your marbles!

How easy can it really be?

An organizer can set up their event on the platform quickly, uploading promotional content and images. HeySummit distributes that content throughout the platform to landing pages and speaker pages, updating them as the organizer makes changes.

(A fine specimen of a HeySummit landing page – spotted in the wild!)

HeySummit also has template emails for promotion, invitations, and onboarding of attendees and speakers, so all the work of guiding an audience and speakers to where they need to be is massively reduced.

And HeySummit makes it easy to sell tickets! Which is a game-changer for paid events.

During an event, HeySummit lets organizers keep a finger on the pulse of the attendee experience by presenting attendees with super brief surveys that are designed to get a response. This information provides a daily update on what content is popular, which speakers are getting attention, and what attendees need more (or less) of.

And when your event is over, the post-event analytics data is worth all the Christmas presents that Santa couldn’t deliver when you were a kid! You’ll get hard data on attendance, engagement, social shares, referral, and much much more. This counts for a lot when you’re courting the interest of sponsors and partners.

But what’s it like for guests?

A guest will enjoy the feeling of being guided into a very personalized AI-powered Chinese buffet of content!

From the initial invitation emails with clear guidance, to getting a cornucopia of speaker options – based on their interests – when they first “step” into the summit. Guests enjoy letting HeySummit know what they want. HeySummit then follows up with content recommendations based on the talks the attendee initially chose, and what their goals for the Summit are.

Attendees will also easily be able to participate in giveaways during the summit, enjoy the content of their choice, and interact with speakers and other attendees via a YouTube-like comments section below the video stream of the talks they attend.

How about for Speakers?

Speakers can customize their landing and registration pages, or leave them in the hands of the organizer. For the actual presentation, speakers have several options for presenting either live or pre-recorded video. And of course, all options are easy to set-up to get the talk rolling when it’s showtime. Text interactions with the audience are also easy, with the audience comment section handily available to field comments and questions and see how the presentation is landing in real-time.

(HeySummit makes managing your speaker line-up a piece of cake!)

So who should use HeySummit?

If you need to set up an event based around content, AND you have multiple-speakers speaking concurrently over multiple days, HeySummit is the right fit for your event.

It handles all the logistics of guiding lots of people through their own personalized conference experiences simultaneously while seamlessly connecting all the back end technology so that you can stay focussed on making a great event.

But there’s a catch: The attendees and speakers have limited opportunities to interact.

If you need to create a networking or discussion environment where small groups can connect in a more personal way, HeySummit can’t do it.

What it CAN do is integrate with Remo to create an interactive presentation that INCLUDES face-to-face networking and small group discussions. You can even have those accidental hallway conversations that are often profoundly impactful experiences at summits and conferences.

Because HeySummit’s integration game with Remo Conference is on-point, you can have your cake and eat it too at a virtual summit. You can focus on delivering compelling content AND engaging conversations that feel like others are right next to you. 

Well, who shouldn’t use HeySummit then?

If you’re perfectly happy with one-way webinar style presentations, and audience engagement isn’t a priority…Or if your event is only a short presentation with a single speaker, consists of a series of talks from speakers, or even concurrent talks, then HeySummit might be overkill for your needs. 

And if the focus of your event is solely connecting people through networking and small group discussions in a way that feels like an in-person event, then HeySummit is not the right tool for your event. But Remo is!

As a Remo User, why do I need to know about HeySummit?

The world of virtual events is rapidly becoming more sophisticated, and our community of event organizers face new challenges daily. Knowing what tools are out there makes you a more capable event organizer who can help your clients or organization handle any kind of event.

Also – we love HeySummit!

We’re big fans over here. 

Because HeySummit makes it so easy to set up even the most complex event logistics and treating your guests to highly engaged and interactive experiences that are hallmarks of Remo Conference.

Ultimately, if you’re excited about hosting online events that make a meaningful impact on your guests’ lives, you owe it yourself and your audience to give the HeySummit-Remo integration a shot.

Check out HeySummit right here!

(And even though it’s not on HeySummit…Check out this summit – there’s a really special early-bird-special if you get on this before Jan 17th)

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