New Feature Announcement! – Audience View

Audience View

Stop presenting to the expressionless void and turn audience engagement up to eleven! 

Introducing Audience View with Remojis and Raise Hand – Beta Release…

It’s time to reconnect speakers and audiences through real-time captivating reactions.

See for yourself!

Now you can… 

  • feel your impactful message resonate with your audience as you see real-time emoji reactions bubbling up (#remojis).
  • connect directly to your actively engaged audience (no more trying hard to be interactive in front of a lifeless camera).
  • never miss questions and comments again with the new and improved Raise Hand feature!

Audience View turbocharges the already unique and interactive presentation capabilities in Remo, making your virtual presentations more dynamic, lively, and authentic than any other platform.

Breath life into your presentations today with Audience View!

Now available for ALL subscription plans.
For event ideas on how to showcase Audience Mode check out this article: Audience View: 5 Events where this Feature will Shine!

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