New Feature Announcement! – Presentation Screenshare Focus Mode

Keep your guests’ attention on the right screenshare during Presentation mode.

Up until now, it’s been challenging to guide everyone’s attention to the same shared-screen during Presentation mode because the host couldn’t choose which screenshare was the central focus of the presentation.

Now, with Presentation Focus Mode, Hosts and Speakers can prevent confusion by easily guiding guests’ attention to the screenshare that matters.

Here’s how it works:

You start the screenshare function as usual, but now your screen will immediately be the main focus of the presentation, with other Speakers appearing in the left sidebar.

It’ll look like this. Tasneem is the Host, and Karl is a Speaker. You can see Tasneem is sharing her screen. You’ll also notice the chat toggle on the left.

If you click the chat toggle, you’ll see the chat shown like this.

When a Speaker shares their screen, the host will get a notification in the event bar at the top of your screen.

The Speaker will get this notification in the event bar at the top of their screen.

To make Speaker’s screenshare the focus of the presentation, you can click “Make Primary” or you can click on the pin which appears when you hover your mouse over the Speaker’s screenshare in the left sidebar.

Once you’ve switched to a Speaker’s screenshare, you can easily switch back by hovering over the screen you want to share in the left column.

If you’d like a deep dive on how to use this new feature, you can check out our helpdesk article here.

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