New Feature Announcement! – The Lobby

Now your events start when you say so!

With the new Lobby feature, you can let your guests join your events in the timing that works best for you.

Do you want to make sure that guests all enter the event together so that you can start the event with everyone present? Let everyone gather in the Lobby and let them in together!

Would you like to be able to guide guests one at a time to a prearranged seating plan? Admit one guest from the Lobby and show them where to sit and then get the next one…

How about VIP treatment of your VIPs? Bring them in from the Lobby first, so that they can get the care and respect that befits their status.

There are other great ways to use the Lobby feature, but let’s get into how it works.

The Lobby feature becomes available when your event starts.

You’ll see the Lobby button in the control panel.

When guests enter your event, they’ll find themselves in the lobby, and you’ll get two notifications that let you know there are guests in the Lobby. One notification will appear at the top of the screen over the event bar. And the other will be an indicator over the Lobby button showing the number of guests in the Lobby.

Here’s what your guest will see. They’ll wait in the lobby until you let them into your event.

Meanwhile, back in your event…when you click the Lobby button, you’ll see a list of guests in your Lobby on the right-hand side of your screen.

There are two ways to admit guests to your event. To let guests in one at a time, you can hover over their name on the Lobby list, which will bring up an “Admit” button that you can click to let them in. This is label “1” in the screenshot below.

The second way is to click the “Admit All” allowing all the Lobby guests to enter your event at once. This is label “2” in the diagram below.

And if you’d like to disable the Lobby altogether, you can easily do that by sliding the toggle at the top of the Lobby list.

Disabling the Lobby will let all your waiting guests into your event.

If you’d like to enable the Lobby feature for your own events. Please check out our Help article here.

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