New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 10/7 Release

New Features

Mic-Cam selector shortcut

If you have more than one camera or microphone, you can now switch between them quickly without needing to open up the side menu. Just click the triangle next to the mic and cam button and get selecting.

Test your mic and cam in Remo!

We’ve included a button on the “three-line” menu that will let you test your mic and cam. When you click the button, it will open up the Remo Geartest page in a separate tab so that you can check that everything is working properly. Your Remo event will be open in the next tab when you’re ready to head back there.

Feature Updates

Upgraded: Last-minute HeySummit registrations process 

Now when guests are waiting for the HeySummit auto registration, they will have the option to go back to the HeySummit event page that they came from. Previously guests were redirected to the HeySummit homepage.

Upgraded: Edit table name icon

The edit table name icon is now bigger, which means it’s easier for you to find and click so you can change your table names even more easily!

Removed: Request profile information feature

This feature was sometimes causing guests to feel uncomfortable when  they suddenly got a request to “know more about you”. This feature will be replaced with a more socially smooth option in the future.

Relevant Bug Fixes

Fixed: “Are you talking?” prompt showing incorrectly.

The “Are you talking?” prompt was showing while the event space was loading, even before the guest had turned on their camera. This bug is fixed!

Fixed: The pop-up image in the event bar now has responsive sizing

Previously, when you clicked it, Remo would square and trim off the image in your event bar. Now it’ll be displayed just like you uploaded it so that you can have wide images like this!

Fixed: YouTube broadcast wasn’t working.

Recently YouTube changed their API so that videos shown in Remo had ‘403 error’ displayed during video broadcasting. This has been fixed.

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