New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 9/23 Release

New Features

Mic and Cam Auto-Troubleshooting Guide BETA

When guests experience mic or cam issues, they will now receive automated guidance on how to get things working. A cross will appear over the Cam and Mic icons in the Remo toolbar.

When the guest clicks on the Cam or Mic icon, they will see a pop-up that will guide them to fix their issues (these are usually browser permission issues).

Mic or Cam not detected feature

When Remo can’t detect a mic or cam on a guest’s computer, the guest will see a pop-up over the icon that Remo can’t find. If the guest clicks the “Troubleshoot” link, then Remo will take the guest to the Mic-Cam diagnostic page for their operating system.

Guest Count and Event Time Remaining countdown

We’ve added two new features to the event bar!

You’ve now got a countdown timer to let you (and your guests) know how much time is remaining in your event AND a guest count to tell you how many people are in your event.

Upgraded table naming

We’ve added a pencil icon when you hover over a table. This icon will allow you to edit the table name. Until now, you could right-click to change the table names, but many users didn’t know the option was available.

Relevant Bug Fixes

Fixed Bug – Custom Floor Plans were not loading

Custom Floor Plans now load as they should. There were multiple issues with Custom Floor Plans over the last week that are now fixed. Workarounds that we gave, if you were having problems, are no longer necessary.

Fixed Bug – Payment Plans were not upgrading from Trial Plans to Paid Plans

If you had recently upgraded from a Trial account to a Paid Plan, your account might not have updated. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Bug – Paid Plans were reverting to expired Trial Plans

Your paid account may have incorrectly reverted back to an expired Trial account. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Bug – Trouble adding Event Managers

You may have had trouble adding Event Managers on your company profile page. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Bug – Event Managers didn’t have hosting or administration powers in events

Your Event Managers may have noticed that they weren’t able to host events as usual. This could include in-event abilities as well as setting up the event. This bug has been fixed.

Fixed Issues with Run of Show Feature

Adding action items to the Run of Show feature was creating confusion because the AM / PM designations were reversed. This has been fixed.

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