New Features, Feature Updates, and Relevant Bug Fixes for 9/8 Release

New Features

Run of Show and Agenda feature – Official Release –

We’re proud to officially release the Run of Show and Agenda features!

With lots of great feedback from you about the beta versions, we’ve added 15+ great feature upgrades to both Run of Show and Agenda features.

The improvements include:

  • Adding the possibility for multiple-day events
  • Creating a more comfortable reading experience by improving the color scheme.
  • Adding tooltips that you can hover your mouse over to receive instructions on what to do next.
  • And more!

Feature Updates

Upgraded Guest Onboarding

We’ve improved the Guest onboarding process with a guided profile set-up and walkthrough of the app complete with animations! This means your Guests and Speakers will arrive in Remo prepared and ready to engage in your event.

Upgraded Map Selector

The map selector now tells you how many sponsor banners you are currently using in your event, and how many are available for your chosen floor plan.  

There is also an indicator of how many sponsor banners are available to you according to your monthly subscription so that you can change your floor plan to fit more or fewer sponsor banners in your event.

Upgraded Default Floor Plan

The default floor plan color has been changed from purple to blue for a more professional look and feel. Of course, purple will still be available to you as an option.

Upgraded user interface for the event card

We’ve added the number of registered and invited guests to your event card so that you can keep track of how many people you can expect at your event.

In the below example, 257 guests have registered out of 350 invited guests.

Upgraded HeySummit user experience

We’ve added a notification to guide guests from HeySummit if there is a registration syncing issue between HeySummit and Remo.

Upgraded event naming user experience

We’ve added a character count for event name and tagline changes.

Relevant Bug Fixes

Mobile Presentation mode bug

We fixed an issue for mobile presentation mode. The red “Live” indicator and the presentation guest count were covered by the event bar. 

Youtube Live button bug

We’ve fixed a bug where the “Connect to Youtube Live” button was inaccessible behind the event title header.

Chat text box bug

We fixed a bug where the in-event chat input box was cutting text from the left-hand side of the chat input box.

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