NEW FEATURES: The Agenda and Run of Show

A Quick Note about a New Feature waiting for you inside Remo Conference… 

Imagine a live event with a director, volunteers, stage managers, a tech team, caterers running around the clock, all following one agenda. 

Just think of all the things that can go wrong!

Even as a virtual event host, you are still probably juggling millions of things while doing your best to produce an extraordinary event. 

So, how about if we lighten that burden for you by bringing in more structure, some peace-of-mind?

Enter Remo’s two new features: Event Agenda and Run of Show! 🎉

The Event Agenda feature enables you to plan your event activities and arrange them in sequential order.

Your guests can refer to your agenda to see the list of topics and activities at any time by clicking the “Event Agenda” button on the event title bar.

Voila! You’ll give you your guests a better experience because they’ll know what’s coming next and how best to plan their time. Here’s what it looks like: 

The Run of Show feature helps you stay focused and organized. 

Now that you’ve created your Event Agenda, it’s crucial to plan the details of how your gathering will flow.

The Run of Show feature enables you to plan and control the flow of your gathering by creating an item-by-item sequence of actions that correspond to your Event Agenda.

You can add actions at specific time cues on your Agenda. Then, at the appropriate cue, you can manually initiate that action from the Master Control Panel.

(NOTE: Your Run of Show outline is visible only to Event Hosts; your Guests cannot see it.)

Have fun playing around with it!

We will be walking you through Run of Show and Agenda features, and answering all your questions in the upcoming Success Labs, so please be our guest. 

Before you go, let us take a moment here and acknowledge one important thing: We listen to you, like A LOT. 

Thanks to your continued participation in our Success Labs and the Remo Revolution Community, we’re inspired and encouraged to keep innovating!

If you haven’t done so, please join our Remo Revolution Community to connect with fellow Super Hosts and stay up-to-date! And BE SURE to invite your Event Managers to join the Community and jump on a Success Labs, okay!

Your Customer Success Team at Remo

Bahar Arapkirli, Carmen Gloria Baez Lopez, George C. Huang, Justin Lee, Karl Brock, Nao Myoshu, Saori Sengen, and Tasneem Muchhala

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