Remo Podcast: Introversion & Remote Working

For our first video interview, we have Eilis Wasserman to share with us introversion and remote work. 

The purpose of this interview is to delve deeper into introversion where it can be seen in about 50% of the working population. At the same time, remote working is gaining popularity and the experience of this working style could vary between each individual.

This was our first podcast and it did not record Hoyin’s video! But no worries the content is still great!


Audio podcast

In this interview, Hoyin and Eilis discussed:

  • What is the meaning of introversion? (for clarification)
  • “The extrovert expectation” (differences in extroversions between different cultures)
  • Common misconceptions people might have about introversion
  • Remote working and introverts (environment, culture, communication and intentionality) 
  • Benefits & Challenges of Remote Working for introverts
  • Virtual networking and introverts, is that the killer app for introverts to meet others?
  • Ways introverts that work remotely can connect with others
  • Benefits & Challenges of virtual networking on Remo for introverts

Eilis shares with us that in workplaces, introverts often prefer positions that let them operate fairly autonomously or companies or work in quiet settings. When it comes to career, there’s no distinction between introverts or extroverts as each individual may excel more based on their own characteristics or personality traits, therefore when it comes to remote working, introverts face both benefits and challenges.

Introversion & Remote Working networking event

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Resources mentioned: 

Guest – Eilis Wasserman

Eilis Wasserman is an introvert career coach, whose mission is to cultivate confidence and inspire self-discovery and focuses on introvert career development to help introverts be their best self in their career.

Connect with Eilis on LinkedIn: Eilis Wasserman

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