New Feature Announcement! – Presentation Mode Update

Remo’s Presentation Mode just got a major appearance makeover, along with a few minor updates in how you can use it.

This means that your presentations will have a more sophisticated look, while Presentation Mode will run almost exactly as before with some slight improvements.

Here’s what’s new with Remo’s Presentation Mode:

UPDATE: We made some changes to Remo’s handling of aspect ratios for video streams during Presentation Mode. This had an unintended negative effect on some of users’ presentations.

So, we reverted the update. Remo will now accept your entire video stream in Presentation Mode regardless of aspect ratio. All the other Presentation Mode updates are unchanged, and here they are…

Dark Mode: Presentation Mode now appears on a sleek dark background to help guests better focus on the action – your video and screen shares!

When sharing screens, there are now TWO ways to present screen shares

Way #1: The return of Screen Sharing Tile Mode: Now, you can choose to have all the video streams in presentation mode equally sized, including any screen shares. 

Way #2: Focus Mode: You can still choose the previous standard screen share method too, where one screen share takes up most of the presentation screen (as in the screenshot below).

Now the freedom to choose Presentation Modes is as easy as clicking a button. You can easily switch between the two modes by clicking the toggle button in the lower-left corner of your screen!

Once you click the toggle button, you’ll see this menu where you can choose your mode.

After you’ve tested the new presentation mode out, come to the Remo Revolution Community and let us know what you think!

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