New Features

1. You are now able to remove invited guests from the “invited guests list” with the “Remove Guest” function. 

This only works BEFORE the guest has attended your event. If you’d like to remove a guest from your event during the event use the “Block User” function located next to the “Remove Guest” function.

2. Choose different floor plan templates for more customization of your event!

Remo Floor Plan Selector:
You can choose from 7 different floor plans to change the flavor of your event. Easily find a floor plan that accommodates all your sponsors – takes 30 seconds! 

Want people to gather in larger or smaller groups? Pick a floor plan that fits those goals.

One floor plan is even made specifically for speed networking with tables for only two people spread throughout the event.

Feature Updates

1. After you’ve created a private event, the option to share your event via social media disappears.

This allows you to keep the event private.

2. For Tablet users, the following notification now appears when they log in to let them know that tablet devices are not currently supported on Remo.

3. We’ve added an email invitation reminder pop-up when you add people to your guest list.

You’ll now have a choice whether to send email invitations to your guests or just add them to the list without sending them an invitation.

4. We’ve added a new reminder popup when you invite event speakers but don’t complete the process.  You’re no longer in danger of forgetting to invite speakers by leaving the process only partially completed.

5. Event Cards on “My events” page have a new look and also include more event details.

6. The page previously called “Settings” has changed to “Account Settings”.

7. Public and Private events now have different calls to action on their landing pages.

Public events have a “Save me a spot!’ button.

And Private events have a “Confirm my attendance” button.

8. We’ve added a message bar that comes up when a custom domain isn’t ready. If you click “Fix It Now” Remo will auto-navigate you to custom domain setup space in Event setup. 

9. For trial accounts, the “Be a host” button now appears in the sidebar. This leads to the quick event creation walkthrough.

10. We’ve added hover-activated tooltips to the Success Hub on the “My events” page to provide instant extra guidance to find the resources you need.

11. Mute and Unmute buttons will only show when hovering on a guest’s video stream.

While the option to mute or unmute is always available, having the button always on the screen was distracting to some hosts, so we’ve made the mute button available only when you want it.

12. For new hosts, the design of the onboarding layout has changed. A cleaner, more attractive layout with plenty of white space so that you can relax as you set up your events.

13. We’ve moved the “Send event reminder emails” checkbox. It’s now above “Guest Emails” box. This is to make the flow of inviting guests more intuitive than when the box was confusingly placed below the “Guest Emails” box.

14. We’ve improved the “Speaker view” in conversation mode. The speaker’s stream will take up the available space on the screen unless there are 5 people or more in the conversation. In that case, there will also be a slim horizontal scroll bar so that you can scroll to see all the speakers. 

15. Mic and Cam symbols vibrate on your screen when you first enter an event. Now when you turn on either the Mic or Cam the other will stop vibrating.

16. Multiple event managers event extension 

When your event has multiple event managers and there is an option to extend the duration of the event, all the event managers are presented with the option to extend the event.

Now, when one event manager makes a decision, the option is removed from the screens of the other event managers. Previously, the “extend option” stayed on every event manager’s screen, causing events to be extended multiple times.

17. Improved the guest onboarding desktop for Chrome and Safari. Now there is a scroll bar when the desktop is minimized (minimum screen size 1440 x 900)

Bug Fixes

1. ”Account already exists” error

Previously when an email associated to an expired Remo trial account was used to sign in Remo showed “E11000 duplicate key collection” error. 

The new message shows “Account already exists”

2. Two timer issues fixed

  1. When you set a timer previously, you may have noticed that if you tried to edit the timer settings in the middle of a timed round, the settings went back to their preset values. We’ve fixed that issue.
  2. Syncing the timer across all users was an issue because different users had different timekeeping on their computers due to battery or configuration.

Now all guests are seeing the same time on the event timers.

3. Hosts using Firefox found that the event settings page wasn’t showing the bottom buttons. 

Now they are visible for Firefox users too.

4. Chat in presentation mode was getting big when users toggled between expanding and collapsing the chat window. 

You can see the problem below. And it’s fixed now.

5. Sponsor data exported via email was missing CSV column headers.

Now the header appears as it should.

6.Added message to notify Event managers that guest “time in event” data is only accurate after the event has ended.

Event managers that were trying to export guest “time in event” data would get the following results.

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