Success Hub widget added to My Events page. 

The Success Hub widget allows you access to instant help resources (help articles and video tutorials) as well as scheduled live help (live tutorials and advanced techniques).

Hosts can mute/unmute guests in Conversation Mode and speakers in Presentation Mode.

In Conversation Mode, the Host (Karl) can mute any guest at a table.

When the Host clicks the ‘mute’ button, the Guest (George) sees this message:

When the Host clicks ‘Unmute’ for a Guest, the Guest will see the following message:

In Presentation Mode, the ‘mute’ button appears when a Host hovers over a Guest’s video tile; see below:

We revamped the experience for first-time Hosts. They are guided through key steps for setting up their first event as well as presenting (Presentation Mode) and interacting with Guests (Conversation Mode).

Added a warning icon if a Guest has browser access problems with their camera and/or microphone. If a Guest has not allowed their browser to access their camera and/or microphone, a yellow exclamation mark icon appears next to their profile letter or picture. The message says “This guest may be experiencing mic and/or cam issues.”

This guest needs to change their settings to give their browser permission to access their web camera and microphone.

Added the ability to allow Remo event registration through third-party systems and send registration information to Remo. This feature works for public and private events. By default, invitation emails are not sent; reminder emails are sent only if that functionality is turned on). (NOTE: This feature has been submitted to Zapier for approval.)


We further improved the accuracy of tracking of your Guest’s time spent in your event.

When a Host clicks the button to close Presentation Mode and return to Conversation Mode, a popup confirmation window appears:

You can now add Sponsors when you are initially creating your event.


  • Some Guests were not seeing Announcements; this has been fixed.
  • In some situations where a floor is full, some Event Hosts and Guests were unable to move to different floors and they also appeared at more than one table
  • We restored the ability to change the starting time of an event before or after it has ended.
  • The entire time your Guests spend in your event is now displayed properly in the report that Event Managers can download after the event ends.
  • The “Send event reminder emails” option was restored (inadvertently was left out previously)
  • Sometimes, the Profile Picture of Event Hosts and Guests did not appear on the floor plan, even though they could be seen and heard at their table; this has been fixed.
  • After setting up an event and clicking on the “Save and publish event” button, the event was not being created; this has been fixed.
  • For mobile phone Guests, while waiting for the Event Host and Speakers to turn on their camera and microphone, they were not seeing a message that let them know about the delay; this has been fixed.
  • If the Event Host was creating an event and the clock on their computer was inaccurate, then a discrepancy occurred between the host-entered start time and actual start time based on the Universal Clock; this has been resolved by using the server time as the universal time measure when creating events.
  • After Hosts ended Presentation Mode, a message was displayed during the transition to Conversation Mode; this message has been removed.
  • On mobile phones, the event image at the top left side of the event banner had an invitation to click to expand the image, but mobile devices were unable to show this expanded image: this issue was resolved.
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