Inspired by your requests and feedback, we’re pleased to announce the following feature additions and updates!


  • An event host (account administrator/event manager) can join any table, even if the table is already full
  • Added a Speaker Management Dashboard:
    • After you invite a speaker for your event, you can see a list of who you have invited along with the status of their invitation, including:
      • Email Status
      • Registered
      • Attended
      • Resend email
    • You also can:
      • Remove a person’s speaker rights
      • Download a list of the speakers you have invited in CSV file format 
  • At the Studio Plan level, custom floor plans can now be designed with an increased capacity of up to 8 people per table
  • On the Event Registration List, the delivery status of invitation emails is now displayed (Event Settings > Registration)
  • If a guest experiences connectivity or bandwidth issues that affect the quality of their video, their video is turned off in order to maintain their audio functionality and a message appears that lets everyone know what is happening.
  • When an event guest creates their account on the event registration page, they are now prompted to review and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  
  • Custom floor plan validation tool: You can upload your custom floor plan SVG file to the Custom floor plan validation tool and it will check if your file meets the requirements for the number of tables, seats, and sponsors. After successful validation, you can upload the floor plan to us in Crisp chat and we’ll add it to your account.


  • In Conversation Mode, Event Hosts (account administrator/event managers) are designated by a “star” symbol next to their picture or initial
  • The onboarding process for new guests was redesigned and streamlined to make it easier to follow and complete
  • The layout and flow of the Private Event Registration Page was improved to make it more clear for invited guests and speakers to register or log in, respectively.

  • The layout and/or labeling of the Login, My Events, Joined Events, and Event Settings pages were enhanced
  • The name of the page appears on the browser tab

Thanks for all your enthusiasm, encouragement, and support!

The team at Remo

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