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Make AI your Event Marketing Intern

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Transform your virtual events with Remo’s all-in-one solution

No more choosing between delivering interactive presentations and facilitating meaningful networking


Keep your attendees engaged from start to finish

Increase attendee participation with our full suite of engagement-boosting features.

From live polls and quizzes to meaningful breakout sessions, you'll be able to create an immersive experience that keeps attendees coming back for more.
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Create a simple and seamless attendee experience

Promote your event efficiently by unifying your marketing efforts. With Remo, we help you create your landing page and keep the registration experience simple.

Don’t worry about your attendance rate with Remo’s automated calendar invites and timely reminders.
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Highlight the value of online events with real-time dashboards

By default, Remo provides automatic analytic dashboards to capture your event’s attendance targets, engagement levels and audience composition.

Share unique attendee insights with your sales team for better lead follow-up.
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Customize events to fit your brand and vision

Set up your event the way you imagined it. Whether it’s a webinar for clients or a workshop for your team – with Remo, you can create a space that perfectly represents your brand.

Choose from a range of pre-designed event spaces, or create one that’s uniquely your own.
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