Remo is a virtual events platform

Come for our human experience. Stay for everything else.

Create engaging events and help your audience build meaningful relationships through a platform built for the experience and not just meetings.

Trusted by 1000+ companies and institutions worldwide

Never let your attendees say: "It's just another Zoom virtual event" ever again.

Online events are sooo boring. Here. We said it. When you have more than 20 people in a single room the event becomes a moderated circle.

Conversations become impossible and people can’t speak, know or engage with other participants.
They just stare at the screen for hours and that’s it.

Online events become just like all other meetings people have throughout the day.

But what if online networking events were so engaging you didn’t want to leave ?

We decided to study all the best offline events in the world and bring back the same energy, vibe and connection into the online space.

With Remo, participants can feel the same buzz of a lively networking event, talk, communicate, workshop and form meaningful connections

Say goodbye to the limitations of your old Zoom Room and welcome to the future of networking.

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more engagement than Zoom or MS Teams
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