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Unique Floor Plan Design

Unique Floorplan Design is an independent Dutch design studio that creates inspiring floorplans for digital meeting spaces.

Our floorplans are created to function within the REMO.CO platform, which is an online conferencing service. In this platform you can have powerful webinars, summits, conferences, networking spaces and casual meetups.

The graphic environments created by Unique Floorplan Design provide an extra interactive engagement opportunity with your audience and will bring your events alive. Our floor plans can be customized in any detail to fit your personal requirements.


Epic Virtual Events (EVE)

Our designers have extensive Illustrator experience and love creating fun and engaging floor plans that make your event memorable.

Buzzing Media

We are passionate about Remo and run 35 events a month on the Remo platform - we have designed many floorplans for our own uses and our clients. We love to use Remo in creative ways and are happy to share our ideas with our clients.

Sum of Us

Fast, reliable, and affordable! Our designers have created several high-quality custom remo floor plans. We are highly experienced with the remo floor plan layout and our customer service is top-notch.


Hello! I am Japanese. I accept the production of Remo's custom floor designs.

Please contact me by email from the messenger.
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REPS Events

REPS Events has a deep history with the REMO platform.
Providing premium floor plan designs to many of the elite REMO users.

With over 100+ floor plans submitted in 2020, REPS Events knows how to make your floor plan vision a reality. Reach out to REPS for your next floor plan!

Cloud Events Group

We're an A-Z virtual event management agency with over 20 years of experience in the events space. We specialize in event strategy, custom floor plan designs, and operational management. Our floor plan designs range from sport stadiums, escape rooms, media production launches, corporate settings, country clubs, and much more. Whatever you think of, we can design it!


Long before we were creating Remo floorplans, we were designing for social media and in-person events. We know many of the struggles you face with clients, sponsors, and guests. Our favorite part of the process is getting to know you and understand your needs. We work closely with you to create inviting, easy-to-navigate floorplans that strengthen brands, set a mood, and inspire. We are a U.S. based company with extensive experience working with international clients.

Reach out to discover what’s possible:

Tekie Geek

Tekie Geek offers Virtual Events services for the Remo Platform including Virtual Event Planning, Virtual Event Run of Show Services, Production, Custom Floor Plan Designing, and more.

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