Here are some other services you can consider for your next virtual event!


Relax with Adam

Meditation breaks for your event. Most techniques take 5 minutes or less. Choose a mood to align with (focused, relaxed, cooperative) and I will guide your audience into the appropriate brainwave state so they are in tune with their highest potential and showing up as their best self during the event.

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Odd-O-T's Entertainment

Odd-o-T's Entertainment brings live performers to your event to animate your spaces and excite your patrons. As a leader in the theme park and atmospheric entertainment in Orlando, our troupe of improv performers, acrobats, magicians, game leaders, dancers, and comedians are all Remo trained and ready to take on any role per your event's theme and help you achieve your event goals.

Our performers are skilled at helping your patrons engage and interact with each other...the perfect ice breaker for any theme. Full costumes available and themed virtual backgrounds to increase immersion for your guests.

Your event won't just be another videoconference event...your guests will never forget the connections and laughs!

Get inspired on our website: www.oddots.com

Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts

We produce Puzzle-Based, Virtual Treasure Hunt Adventures, with strong teambuilding content. Small teams solve tricky puzzles leading to amazing locations around the world (on the internet). People have fun while learning more about themselves and their teammates.

Let's talk about transforming your next event into an engaging treasure-hunt adventure.

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Wellness Session and Facilitators: Choose from Tarot & Astrology Readings, Nutrition & Cooking Demos, Mixology with Cocktails & Mocktails, Distance Reiki Healing, Conscious Relationships, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome, Managing Chronic Pain, How to Work From Home Sessions, and more!!


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American Sign Language Interpreters: We can provide 1-6 ASL interpreters to give deaf/HH attendees access to your event.

Diversity & Inclusion Assistance: We will help empower underrepresented groups to feel more valued and respected at events by staffing and/or trainings. Diversity & Inclusion trainings or Allyship in the Workplace trainings are perfect for corporate or workplace events in order enhance interpersonal skills and create company and individual success.


Syncwords offers Captioning, Subtitling, and Translation services for Live Virtual Events, and pre-recorded videos. We can translate to over 100 languages in real-time, and for pre-recorded content.



Many of us struggle with last-minute tech glitches. Techiefriends can assist your virtual event attendees with any tech issue and help them connect to your virtual event. We provide online tech support that is very safe (full recording of how the tech problem is resolved is shared with the customer) and extremely easy to use.

Techiefriends.com tech support services are top-notch and at the same time highly affordable, extremely safe, and easy to access.


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Hosting & Improvisation Leaders: If a speaker is late, no worries! An improv leader is there to engage the audience and make them laugh so that issues go unnoticed!

Jackie Botelho of Above and Beyond VIP Concierge

Above & Beyond VIP Concierge (www.abcvip.nyc) is a Hospitality and Event Agency from New York City. The Founder, Jackie Botelho, brings high-energy and seamless attendee engagement to every event that she hosts.


Virtual Party Radio Station

Virtual Party Radio can help take your event to the next level with background music tailored specifically for your event. We work with you to provide the perfect mix of music. For your sponsors, we create 10-20 second spots to play throughout the event. One more option to add to your sponsorship package.

Our station opens up in a second tab, so the volume for the event and the radio station are controlled separately. Your guests decided how soft or loud they would like their music to be. VPR is the best legal way to play music, as we are DMCA compliant as well as licensed to play music in the UK, USA, and Canada.

Virtual Party Radio: Providing Music for Virtual Events.


Gotham Trinity Productions

Gotham Trinity is a multi-purpose media production company. What started as a few short films and skits, transformed into commercials, promotional videos, testimonial videos and evolving into multi-camera, live or pre-recorded broadcasts to the web, that includes roll-ins and customized graphics. We have a professional roster of tech, actor and model talent, to help a business produce a visual product that makes sense for their budget and audience. We can be on site for speakers and be able to virtually add others from the comfort of someone's home or office. GTP has numerous virtual experiences under our belt and can produce professional content to suit your needs.


Sum of Us

Ticketing: Our staff is highly experienced with Eventbrite and Remo. We streamline paid, free, or donation-based events so that you have a stress-free database of customers and your attendees access your event easily.

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