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Dazzling, Yet Affordable, Ready-to-Use Floor Plans that Set the Mood for Your Remo Conference Events


Unique Floor Plan Design

Unique Floorplan Design is an independent Dutch design studio that creates inspiring floorplans for digital meeting spaces.

Our floorplans are created to function within the REMO.CO platform, which is an online conferencing service. In this platform you can have powerful webinars, summits, conferences, networking spaces and casual meetups. For all details concerning this conference platform, connect with the Remo team directly.

The graphic environments created by Unique Floorplan Design provide an extra interactive engagement opportunity with your audience and will bring your events alive. Our floor plans can be customized in any detail to fit your personal requirements.

Epic Virtual Events (EVE)

All of our floor plans are Remo-ready and have been tested. All tables have admin seats included. If minor edits to these floor plans or custom floor plans are needed please contact us at

Buzzing Media

We have a number of floorplans of various styles that are available to purchase. All table names are editable and have an admin seat attached to each.

Each plan also comes with 12 sponsor banners

If the plan does not quite fit your needs we can adjust it for a small fee

Sum of Us

Campground with fire-pits - add your own logos if desired - 15 tables and 4 sponsor tables.

Pic-nic Park with coffee bar and help desk - 13 or 10 tables

Library with bookshelves -28 tables, tables that seat 2, 4, & 6 people.

Spiritual Desert with astrology tables - 12 tables and 4 sponsor tables

Halloween Banquet - 16 tables and 4 sponsor tables

Filmocracy Events

We host film festivals and events and are creating floorplans all of the time. Here are a few to choose from. Each is available for $150.

Gatherkin Virtual Events

We know every event is one of a kind. Add warmth and personality, set a mood, or spark creativity. It’s easy to create an extraordinary experience by choosing one of our ready-to-host floorplans.

We are a trusted Remo floorplan provider. Our floorplans are designed for flexibility and superior guest, host, and sponsor experience. Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Reach out to We’d love to talk.


Innovative and fun 3D realistic floorplans and 2D unique designs at your disposal for your Remo event.

Enjoy the exciting interactivity of our floor plans and host a fantastic event!

Tekie Geek

Tekie Geek offers Remo Virtual Event Services including Event Setup, Event Planning, Run of Show, and Custom Floor Plan Design Services.

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