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#1 Virtual Webinar Platform to Boost ROI

Say goodbye to boring webinars – Remo is a virtual events platform designed for B2B marketers to host engaging and revenue-driving webinars and experiences

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Make AI your Event Marketing Intern

Download 20 proven ChatGPT prompts aimed to help you increase your event marketing reach
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How you can engage your team

Networking Events
Happy Hours
Team Building

Are you tired of delivering
webinars that fall flat?

With Remo, we bring more interaction, maximize attendance, and boost the ROI of your online webinars.

With powerful engagement tools and interactive features, you'll be able to captivate and qualify your audience.
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boost engagement

Keep your attendees engaged from start to finish

Increase attendee participation with our full suite of engagement-boosting features including live polls, quizzes, breakout sessions, and much more.

Allow speakers to actually see the size of the crowd and feel the audiences reaction to the content they're sharing through real-time reactions.
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Empower your sales teams with better sales-qualified leads

Empower your sales team by providing them with quick ways to engage with prospective leads right within an event.

Increase the quality of your leads, through meaningful attendee insights from your events, before sharing them with your sales team.
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Customize events to fit your specific brand

Set up your event the way you imagined it. Remo puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the ultimate freedom over how your event looks and works.

Seamlessly take your attendees from your website and event marketing into an event that feels like one experience.
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Track the ROI of every click with automatic dashboards

By default, Remo provides automatic event dashboards to capture your event’s attendance targets, engagement levels and audience composition.

Use Remo’s analytics dashboard to prove the value of your events to sponsors and managers.
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