Inspiring Virtual Break-Outs Triple Outcomes

Bring your teams together in a virtual workspace that will motivate and engage them. With Remo your employees can "walk around" the space, create meaningful connections, and host any type of meeting, training or event like they would in real-life. No more virtual meeting fatigue, bring your employees together in a new, creative metaverse environment and increase their creative output by 3.2X.

With Remo you can:

  • Seamlessly access visually dynamic break-out rooms from Microsoft Teams
  • Increase participation - Over 92% of Remo users have camera on
  • Encourage peer-to-peer networking with stunning break-out spaces
  • Maintain interest and excitement with easy to swap designs for different meetings
  • Manage your weekly meetings, town halls, and award ceremonies etc. all in one platform

Integrating MS Teams with Remo is Easy!

  • No additional login needed
  • No need to create separate profile
  • Fast and convenient linking between Teams and Remo break-outs

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Virtual break-outs don't need to be flat!

Get in touch with us to see how quickly you can take next steps to to:

Create visually stunning break-out rooms to increase engagement

Give users the flexibility to move freely between break -out spaces

Select your breakout table/room size from intimate discussions to private large-group conversations

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