Virtual Conference Platform

Elevate Virtual Conferences: More Attendees, Deeper Connections

  • Captivate your audience with interactive presentations

  • Build lasting connections beyond the conference

  • Guarantee sponsor and exhibitor delight

  • Fully branded, immersive virtual conference platform

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Trusted by over 1000+ organizations worldwide

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Virtual Conference Platform with Exclusive Benefits


Deliver Engaging and Captivating Virtual Conference Presentations

Transform each presentation into a dynamic dialogue that captivates audiences and invites active participation at every turn on Remo's virtul conference platform.

  • Real-time audience interaction with polls and Q&As

  • Interactive content sharing for an active experience

  • Captivate audiences with immersive sound effects and mesmerising content

  • Bring attendees onto stage for live interaction

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Network Authentically, Connect Meaningfully

Empower your virtual conference participants with authentic networking opportunities. Let attendees move freely for serendipitous connections.

  • Enable spontaneous conversations with free attendee movement

  • Host discussions of all sizes; from 1-1 to groups of 50

  • Foster connections with networking that feels natural

  • Effortlessly switch from presentations to networking


Supercharge Your Conference Registrations and Attendance

Maximize your conference attendance by boosting visibility and simplifying access. Make joining the virtual conference platform effortless for everyone, everywhere.

  • Streamline registration for higher conversion

  • Boost registrations with Remo’s AI-driven marketing

  • Ensure universal access with comprehensive accessibility features

  • Extend reach by broadcasting live to other platforms

Maximise attendance with customisable registration questions, AI-powered marketing, and live streaming
Give your Sponsors and Exhibitors the spotlight they deserve with strategic placement and lead tracking


Maximize ROI for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Elevate sponsorship visibility from plain logos to branded interactive experiences that capture attention. Enhance sponsor value with insights on engagement, reach, and ROI.

  • Create fully branded virtual sponsor booths

  • Boost engagement with targeted in-app CTAs

  • Maximize sponsor visibility with prominent locations

  • Generate quality sales leads automatically from booth interactions


Amplify Your Brand on a White Labeled Virtual Conference Platform

Transform Remo's virtual conference platform into a fully branded experience. Make every aspect of your conference unmistakably yours, enhancing your brand identity

  • Immerse attendees with customized virtual spaces

  • Fully branded experience with your logo, colors, and domain

  • Stand out with a unique virtual conference experience

  • Ensure brand consistency from start to finish

Fully white label your virtual conference with a custom floor plan, your logo, and brand colours

Virtual Conference Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews shared by event guests about their experience on the virtual conference platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Best Virtual Conference Space Yet!

“I love the exclusivity of the table settings. It worked so well for our small groups. Everyone loved hopping table during the "networking" section. Overall everyone's feedback was glowing - even from those who are not as tech-savvy. The company felt more unified after months of individual quarantine.”

Lauren E.
Small Business Owner

Remo rating: 5/5

Great platform, easy to use and super engaging for attendees and speakers!

“The serendipitous nature of networking is unique to Remo. Our attendees love it and speakers really enjoy being able to engage with them. Remo gives attendees an interactive experience that goes beyond passive consumption of content.”

G2 Reviewer
Events Services

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Great conference solution. It makes engagement in the virtual space look real

“I love the way Remo makes you feel like in a conference room. The feeling of seeing everyone at different tables. How easy it is to connect to people through their virtual business cards, and how people can move around tables is spectacular.”

Ivan Prado S.
Small Business

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Great platform for networking and conference type events

“The best feature in the presentation mode is that you can bring the guests or speakers to the stage which gives a feeling similar to an in-person event. In the networking mode, the tables can be arranged in different styles and numbers, with the ability to organise on different floors.”

G2 Reviewer
Higher Education

Remo rating: 5/5

Remo was Made for Events!

Everything we do "FEELS" like an event...its not just another Zoom call. The person to person engagement is not matched on any other virtual platform. Our sponsors have actually commented saying the dollar value for sponsorship of our Virtual events beats sponsorship at in-person events by a mile.”

Dean S.
Small Business Owner

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Great and growing virtual conference platform

“Remo is the platform that best replicates the in-person networking experience. It has a low barrier to entry and has let us continue our conferences virtually. We needed a system that provided both webinar features and robust networking opportunities. We found this to be the most intuitive and easiest of all the platforms we reviewed.”

Laura L.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Remo rating: 5/5

Come for the features, stay for the customer service.

“The best thing was the customer service. I had every question answered quickly and correctly. The live chat feature was a lifesaver when setting up my event. Our problem was holding a conference on a virtual level. The benefit of Remo is that benefits we can still offer the conference feel but now online.”

G2 Reviewer
Civil Engineering

Remo rating: 4/5

Best way to conduct a virtual conferences with mass participants

“It has an excellent user interface that fosters a framework of desks that makes participants feel more connected. It's great for more extensive business meetings and events. It is also exceptionally easy for performers and speakers to use, which makes it excellent for presentation.”

Bimala B.
Social Media Manager

Remo rating: 5/5

All of a sudden, video conferences are fun now!

“Remo makes video meetings fun because you get to interact on a whole other level. There level of participation is like nothing I've ever seen, and people just smiled and had a great time during the whole event.”

Adam W.
Meditation Coach

Remo rating: 5/5

Closest thing to making your virtual event seem like it’s in person

“Great for participants. It has a natural networking feel to it. You can jump from table to table. Great for organizers, as you can force people into the conference setting at will. That actually gives a more captive audience for sponsors. Great promotion space for sponsors and vendors. I've used it for three events, and will continue using it.”

Michael O.

Virtual Conference Platform & Other Use Cases

Explore Remo’s All-in-One Platform for all your event needs; from Virtual Events to Career Fairs

Virtual Conference Platform FAQs

Does Remo offer per-event pricing?

Yes! We offer one-time pricing for those who aren’t interested or ready for a subscription. Just share your conference details with us and we can discuss a price that suits your needs.

Can I customize my conference space?

Yes! All virtual spaces on Remo are fully customizable – from brand colors and logos, to the actual virtual setting. You can even choose to replicate a physical conference space digitally with Remo.

Does Remo support accessibility features?

Yes, Remo is committed to ensuring accessibility for all attendees. Our virtual conference platform includes closed captioning, screen reader compatibility, host-assisted movement, and keyboard shortcuts to name a few.

Can I track attendee engagement and participation?

Remo offers detailed post-conference analytics that show you attendee engagement and participation throughout your virtual conference. You’ll get metrics such as session attendance, connections made, banner clicks, and more.

Can I integrate Remo with any other tools or apps?

Currently, Remo supports integrating to tools or apps using Zapier.

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an online event that follows the format of an in-person conference but lets participants join remotely. Attendees engage in presentations, networking, and visit exhibitor booths through virtual conference platforms using interactive tools like video conferencing or live chat for an engaging and accessible experience.

What is the best virtual conference platforms?

The best virtual conference platform offers a robust set of features to facilitate engaging and valuable online conferences. The best virtual platforms, like Remo, offer branding opportunities, networking capabilities, an easy-to-use interface, accessibility features, and reliable support.

How to run a virtual conference?

Here’s our fool-proof 6 step guide to running a successful virtual conference: Choose a platform, Plan your agenda, Promote your event, Test your setup, Facilitate engagement, Provide technical support when needed, Collect feedback. Check out our full guide on hosting virtual conferences here

How to plan a virtual conference?

To plan an online conference effectively, follow these 7 key steps: Define objectives and target audience, Choose a conference platform, Set a date and budget, Plan your conference agenda, Select speakers, Promote your conference, and Rehearse. For more details, explore our ultimate guide for planning virtual conferences.

How many conference attendees can Remo support?

Remo supports unlimited registrations and up to 1000 attendees per event space. For larger conferences, you can easily link spaces together to host even more attendees.

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