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Engage, Interact, Connect—All in One Virtual Exhibition Platform built for Attendees and Exhibitors

  • Attract a global audience for your virtual exhibition

  • Virtual exhibition platform with authentic networking

  • Enhance learning with engaging exhibitions

  • Create immersive virtual exhibition spaces

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Virtual Exhibition Platform with Exclusive Benefits

Create an engaging and informative virtual exhibition experience for attendees with Remo’s Virtual Exhibition Platform


Bring Exhibits to Life with Our Virtual Exhibition Platform

Display exhibits the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Remo’s virtual exhibition software ensures exhibits are engaging and compelling for an enriching experience.

  • Host many exhibits on one virtual exhibition platform

  • Immerse visitors in live, visually stunning exhibits

  • Enrich booths with videos, websites, live chat, & more

  • Boost learning & appreciation with interactive content

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Dynamic display of a virtual exhibition software interface featuring a live audio-video conversation and a product catalog


Foster Real Conversations on Our Virtual Exhibition Software

Encourage authentic visitor-exhibitor interactions with Remo’s virtual exhibition platform. Enable online networking opportunities that feel as good as in-person experiences.

  • 3.2x more engagement than other virtual solutions

  • Facilitate meaningful conversations and connections

  • Let visitors freely move around the exhibition hall

  • Empower natural interactions that rival in-person ones


Tailor Remo’s Virtual Exhibition Platform To Your Theme

Elevate your virtual exhibitions by customizing every aspect of your event. Create a themed environment that captivates visitors and reflects your brand’s uniqueness.

  • Create a bespoke, themed virtual exhibit hall

  • Brandable virtual exhibition platform to raise visibility

  • Customize layout, colors, booth sizes, and more

  • Immerse guests in realistic & visually stunning venues

Boost virtual exhibition attendance using paid tickets, SEO-optimized landing pages, and AI-powered marketing strategies


Amplify Your Virtual Exhibition Attendance and Revenue

Attract a global audience and enhance revenue generation with Remo. Make joining the virtual exhibition platform effortless for everyone, everywhere.

  • Create free or paid virtual exhibition tickets

  • Boost registrations with easy AI-powered marketing

  • Browser and mobile-friendly for simple global access

  • Ensure inclusivity with robust accessibility features


Discover Key Insights From Our Virtual Exhibition Platform

Gain a deeper understanding of visitor behaviors with analytics from our virtual exhibition software. Use these findings to refine future exhibitions and showcase success.

  • Track visitor interest at each virtual exhibit

  • Analyze visitor behaviors with complete session data

  • Demonstrate exhibition success to stakeholders

  • Use key insights to improve future virtual exhibitions

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Analytics dashboard on Remo's virtual exhibition platform showing visitor engagement and traffic patterns

Virtual Exhibition Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews from customers on their experience with the virtual exhibition platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Endless possibilities for virtual human engagement

“We hosted a mind-body-soul expo, 100 participants were able to move between tables and sample offerings from 30 practitioners. Our attendees loved it. The Remo experience is amazing at all levels: the platform itself, the vision for future growth, and - delightedly- the way Remo supports their customers.”

Deb C.
Strategic Advisor

Remo rating: 4/5

Unique and Effective Virtual Expo Solution

“I love the ability to mimic an in-person conference in many ways, the ability to broadcast and capture attendee attention, set different table sizes, and the conversation-friendly table environment. I also love that attendees can move around and explore, but I can reach them all easily with an announcement or presentation.”

Jenny C.
Small Business

Remo rating: 5/5

Great service and closest thing to live, in person interaction in a virtual setting

“With virtual events, the hardest thing to reproduce is the small informal conversations that you would have a live event, especially in an exhibit hall with vendors. This tool allows for you to get very close to this in a virtual setting.”

G2 Reviewer
Non-Profit Organization Management

Remo rating: 4.5/5

Turn boring online events into a reasonable facsimile of an in-person event!

“I love the lounge area where participants can pick a table and chat with each other, just like they would at an in-person event. We have tables for sponsors, allowing for a virtual exhibit area, and fun things like a video billboard. We're excited to offer interactivity for our exhibitors especially.”

Becca D.

Remo rating: 5/5

A hidden gem

“I love the tables features as well as the easy-to-navigate interface. I did not face any problems thanks to the chatbot and the people who were very helpful throughout.”

G2 Reviewer
Education Management

Remo rating: 4/5

Great tool; Almost impossible to hold multiple accounts

“Functionality is good once in the program and it does the things that I need. It's particularly great that guests can move tables as they wish. Give it a try - intuitive and useful! Remo enables me to host a research fair without needing a physical venue.”

G2 Reviewer
Higher Education

Remo rating: 5/5

Most fun I have had at a Virtual Event

“I loved being able to see what table my friends were at. The best thing about REMO is being able to force everyone into the general session. It is like personally escorting everyone to their seats. Remo solves the networking problem at virtual events. We have seen people actually have fun attending our events.”

Greg T.

Remo rating: 4.5/5

The closest thing to in person events on a virtual platform

“Remo has been the closest thing that we've found to in person networking on a virtual platform. It can be used to engage your audience on so many different levels. You can facilitate one on one networking and put on dynamic presentations. ”

Lisa C.

Virtual Exhibition Platform FAQs

How are exhibits displayed on Remo’s virtual platform?

Remo’s virtual exhibition platform supports a wide variety of multimedia formats, including videos, PDF’s, images, and more. Exhibitors can showcase their displays using interactive clickable banners and/or whiteboards.

Can content be viewed even after the trade show ends?

Definitely! With Remo’s virtual exhibition platform, organizers can control the exhibition start and end time. So, as long as the virtual exhibition space is open, visitors can join and view the exhibits, even without a booth representative present.

What kind of exhibits are shown at virtual exhibitions?

Virtual exhibitions can showcase a diverse range of exhibits, including art, historical artifacts, educational materials, or commercial products. These exhibitions are designed to educate and enhance appreciation, featuring interactive elements and multimedia to enrich the visitor experience.

What support does Remo offer organizers during events?

Remo provides comprehensive support to organizers during events. This includes 24x5 live chat with a human representative, dedicated account managers, and an extensive help center to ensure a smooth and successful exhibition experience for both organizers and visitors.

What is Remo’s virtual exhibition platform pricing like?

Remo offers competitive pricing with various plans to suit different needs and budgets. Pricing details are available on request and include options for one-time exhibitions, recurring events, or an enterprise-level solution. You can book a demo with our sales team to discuss your exhibition needs and budget.

Does Remo offer a free trial?

Yes! Remo offer a free 14 day trial for up to 20 guests so you can experience all the functionality Remo has to offer. To sign up for the free trial, you can get in contact with the Sales Team.

What is a virtual exhibition?

A virtual exhibition is an online event where exhibitors display their products, artwork, or information in a virtual booth. A virtual exhibition allows visitors to interact and engage with exhibits via video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

What is a virtual exhibit booth?

A virtual exhibit booth is a digital space within a virtual exhibition for displaying art, objects, or information. Exhibitors can share multimedia content and interact live with visitors, mimicking a physical booth experience but online.

How to create a virtual exhibition?

To create a virtual exhibition, first choose a platform like Remo that supports multiple virtual booths. Set up your virtual exhibit hall how you like. Then you can invite exhibitors to set up their own booths while you promote the virtual exhibition to your target audience. Ensure you have support available for visitors on the day and clear navigation within your virtual exhibit hall.

What is the best virtual exhibition platform?

The best virtual exhibition platform depends on your specific needs. Features to consider include customizability, ease of use, multimedia capabilities, networking tools, and analytics provided. Platforms like Remo offer a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to a variety of exhibition types, helping organizers create engaging and successful online exhibitions.

How many visitors can join virtual exhibitions on Remo?

Remo supports up to 1000 visitors at once in one exhibit hall, while guaranteeing a performant experience. Each exhibit hall can also host multiple exhibits simultaneously. For larger virtual exhibitions, you can also link exhibit halls together.

What does a successful virtual exhibition look like?

A successful virtual exhibition will attract a high number of engaged visitors, showcase compelling and interactive displays, and facilitate smooth networking. It often features robust analytics that demonstrate strong visitor engagement and positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors alike.

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