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Engage More, Reach Further: Virtual Events Redefined

  • 3.2x your virtual event engagement

  • Grow your audience like never before

  • Authentically recreate in-person experiences

  • Create immersive virtual event platform spaces

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Remo’s Virtual Event Platform

Trusted by over 1000+ organizations worldwide

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Virtual Event Platform: Built for Your Use-Case

Whether you’re looking to increase leads, raise brand awareness, or foster meaningful connections, Remo is the perfect choice for you

Virtual Conference Platform

Online gathering on a virtual event platform over a shared interest or topic

  • Scale your virtual conference up or down, whether its 20 or 20,000 attendees

  • Let your keynote speaker interact with the audience on the virtual event platform

  • Easily generate and store tons of post-conference content

  • Virtual breakout rooms for smaller, focused conversations

  • Detailed analytics on attendee engagement & session popularity

An online conference on Remo’s Online Event Platform
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Webinar Platform

Online presentation to a large audience at once

  • Ideal for lead generation, product demonstrations, or building topical authority

  • Interactive features like chat, polls, Q&A to engage with attendees

  • Customizable and easy-to-use registration process

  • Detailed reports on attendee demographics and real-time engagement

  • Host live, semi-live or pre-recorded presentations

A webinar using Remo’s Virtual Event Software
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Hybrid Event Platform

Combine the benefits of both in-person and virtual events to create engaging experiences for diverse audiences.

  • Increase event reach by including both physical and online attendees

  • Seamlessly blend both in-person and virtual event components

  • Recreate the physical venue online for branded and cohesive experiences

  • Virtual lounges to aid genuine connections between in-person and remote guests

  • Hybrid event management tools for streamlined planning and execution

Remo’s Virtual Event Platform can be used for hybrid events too
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Virtual Career Fair Platform

Connects job seekers and prospective employers to network and explore employment opportunities in a virtual space

  • Eliminate geographical boundaries giving recruiters a global talent pool and more opportunities for job seekers

  • Exhibitor hall for companies to engage with candidates as they browse

  • Private interview rooms for conducting interviews seamlessly

  • Securely review and store candidate resumes

  • Fully branded virtual booths

A virtual hiring event hosted on Remo’s Online Event Software
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Virtual Trade Show Platform

Brings together exhibitors and potential buyers of a specific industry to showcase products, network and engage in business interactions virtually.

  • Reduces costs associated with travel, booth setup, and logistics

  • Virtual exhibition booths for showcasing products and services

  • Displays embedded or interactive content to demonstrate the product or service

  • Reliable audio video for real-time interactions between exhibitors and buyers

  • Offers data analytics for tracking buyer engagement and easy lead generation

An online trade show on Remo’s Virtual Event Platform
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Virtual Networking Platform

Online space for individuals to gather, build relationships, and expand their professional network.

  • Offers a convenient and efficient way to network from anywhere in the world

  • Flexible networking rooms; ideal for one-on-one or group conversations

  • Facilitates topic-based discussions for structured networking

  • Optimizes for new connections and relationships amongst attendees

  • Customized virtual profiles or business cards for post-event networking

A virtual networking event using the Remo Online Event Platform

Virtual Exhibition Fair Platform

Connects exhibitors and attendees in a virtual setting to showcase products, services and innovations.

  • Provides a global platform for exhibitors to showcase offerings to a diverse audience

  • Virtual exhibition hall with interactive booths to showcase products and services

  • Offers audio video capabilities for real-time interaction and demonstrations

  • Networking lounges for connecting with peers and fostering collaborations

  • Lead generation tools for capturing attendee information and post-fair follow-up

An exhibition held virtually on Remo’s Virtual Event Software
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Virtual Job Fair Platform

Brings together job seekers and employers to explore job opportunities and network online

  • Diversifies recruiters’ talent pool and offers more choices for job seekers

  • Provides an exhibitor hall where companies can interact with candidates as they explore

  • Offers private interview rooms to conduct interviews easily

  • 100% customizable and branded virtual booths

  • Securely exchange resumes

An online job fair hosted on Remo’s Online Event Software
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Event Ticketing Platform

Online software that lets event organizers create and sell tickets for their events

  • Easily create free and/or paid event tickets

  • Affordable and fully transparent ticketing fees for paid tickets

  • Supercharge your cashflow with instant and direct payouts via Stripe

  • Collect key attendee information with customizable registration questions

  • Track registrations and sales in real-time from the event ticketing platform

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Virtual Event Platform with Exclusive Benefits


Virtual Event That Captivates and Immerses Your Audience

Transform passive viewing into active participation. Boost engagement with interactive experiences that capture and hold your audience’s attention.

  • 3.2x more engagement than other virtual solutions

  • Immerse attendees with customized virtual spaces

  • Empower genuine connections and conversations

  • Wide range of engagement tools, like polls and reactions to drive interaction

Host a Virtual Event
Virtual Event Platform featuring multiple simultaneous engaging conversations to boost attendee engagement
An Online Event Platform that leverages AI and SEO to maximize your event attendance


Maximize Your Attendance Rate

Leverage Remo's AI-driven marketing and SEO-optimized landing pages to draw a larger audience. Ensure your event stands out and attracts more attendees than ever.

  • Boost registrations by 33% with effortless marketing

  • Elevate promotion to fill every virtual seat

  • Easy and customizable registration process

  • Automated reminders to boost attendee turnout


Integrate Presentations and Networking

Achieve both large-scale presentations and authentic small-group networking in one virtual platform. Remo seamlessly blends these key elements for a complete solution.

  • Effortless switching between presentation and networking modes

  • Educate attendees with engaging keynotes or panels

  • Foster connections through networking that feels real

  • Balance presentations + networking for event success

Host networking and presentations in an all-inclusive Virtual Event Platform
Monitor and track event analytics that matter automatically with Remo’s Online Event Software


Impactful Analytics Within Your Reach

Harness the power of Remo’s analytics and reporting to measure your event's success. Use the data to refine and perfect your future events.

  • Demographic breakdown for attendee segmentation

  • Attendance and participation rates to gauge success

  • Instant post-event surveys for attendee feedback

  • Engagement metrics to identify top attendees and content


Set Up Your Virtual Event Platform in Minutes

Discover the ease of creating events that are customized to your vision. With Remo, you no longer have to choose between speed and personalization, enjoy both effortlessly.

  • Quick 3-step event creation

  • User-friendly interface, perfect for all skill levels

  • Choose from a wide range of management tools

  • Dedicated support at every step

Simple and straight-forward event setup using Remo’s Virtual Event Software

Virtual Event Platform: Testimonials by Attendees

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews shared by event guests about their experience on the virtual event platform!

A collection of reviews by guests that attended virtual events on Remo’s Virtual Event Platform
Another review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Virtual Event SoftwareAnother review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Online Event PlatformAnother review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformA review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Online Event SoftwareA review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformAnother review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Online Event SoftwareA review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Virtual Event SoftwareA review by a guest that attended a virtual event on Remo’s Online Event Platform

Virtual Event Platform Features You Can’t Miss

  • Virtual Event Platform Registration simplified for guests

  • Capture key attendee information with customizable registration forms

  • Create paid tickets for your event to monetize your event for direct revenue

  • Keep track of your registrations and attendees easily with our attendee management interface

  • Automated emails and event registration pages created for effortless marketing

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Virtual Event Platform Registration tools like customized questions and a ticketing solution
  • Encourage genuine conversations with flexible breakout rooms of up to 50 people

  • Let attendees walk freely between virtual tables and conversations just as they would in-person

  • Instantly shuffle your attendees for new, spontaneous connections

  • Enhance attendee engagement with 3 types of chat: event-wide, table-level, and private

  • Facilitate post-event networking with virtual business cards for each guest

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  • Use polls, quizzes and embedded content to get your guests interacting with your content

  • Host dynamic panels or Q&A sessions by bringing guests directly onto stage

  • Give your speakers a visible audience to present too with audience view and real-time reactions

  • Fully immerse attendees with live sound effects to complement your presentations

  • Make the event fun with whiteboard sessions or embedded online games

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  • Choose from a wide range of pre-made floor plans or customize your own

  • Brand your virtual space from head to toe, choosing the colors, design, layout, and more

  • Fully immerse and impress your audience with visually dynamic floor plans

  • Host your event in a well-known and loved space like a cafe by the Eiffel Tower or Central Perk

  • Give your sponsors the spotlight they deserve with personalized banners

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 A virtual office space on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformA customized beach bar floor plan on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformA rooftop bar floor plan on Remo’s Online Event Platform
 A virtual office space on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformA customized beach bar floor plan on Remo’s Virtual Event PlatformA rooftop bar floor plan on Remo’s Online Event Platform
A lounge floor plan on Remo’s Virtual Event SoftwareA cigar lounge floor plan on Remo’s Online Event PlatformA beach house floor plan on Remo’s Online Event Software
A lounge floor plan on Remo’s Virtual Event SoftwareA cigar lounge floor plan on Remo’s Online Event PlatformA beach house floor plan on Remo’s Online Event Software
  • Enhance your event experience with real-time metrics and insights

  • Analyze your event’s overall performance with in-depth reports

  • Offer sponsors a performance report with a list of interested attendees

  • Track the engagement of your event overall and at a user-level

  • Turn your reporting insights into actionable strategies for your next event

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Virtual Event Platform FAQs

How long does it take to setup an event?

Remo events can take as little as 5 minutes to set up – just name your event, set the timings, select a floor plan, and that’s it! If you wish to customize your event further, you can do that as well from your Event Settings

Can I customize my event space?

Yes! Remo events are known for their customization capabilities. From the features you use to the actual event environment, you can brand your event however you wish.

What types of events can I host on Remo?

You can host all kinds of events on Remo, from networking events to virtual conferences. No matter the event, we focus on helping you craft a truly engaging experience that rivals even in-person interactions.

How can I integrate Remo with my existing tools?

You can use Zapier to integrate Remo with all your popular tools/apps.

What are the differences between Zoom and Remo?

Zoom was built for standard meetings. Remo was built for engaging events and meetings. With Zoom, you get a standard one-way presentation with limited engagement and basic analytics. On Remo, we help you create online events that boost engagement and captivate your attendees from start to finish.

What is a virtual event platform?

A virtual event platform is a tool that lets event organizers create and run all types of events online – from conferences to team-building workshops. When searching for a virtual event platform, make sure the virtual platform supports core event functionalities, such as managing registrations, networking solutions, and high quality audio/video support.

How many attendees can I have at a virtual event?

The sky is the limit – each virtual space on Remo can host up to 1000 attendees. For larger events or conferences, you can seamlessly connect Remo spaces together to host even more attendees simultaneously.

How much does it cost to host a virtual event on Remo?

The cost of hosting a virtual event on Remo will vary depending on number of attendees, event duration, and the features you choose to add on. Get in touch with our team to discuss your event needs and a suitable price to bring your event vision to life.

Does Remo offer a free trial?

At the moment, Remo does not offer a public free trial - but you can get in touch with us for a personalized demo.

Does Remo offer per-event pricing?

Remo offers one-time event pricing if you’re not interested in a subscription. Just let us know the details of your event and we can discuss a plan that suits your event needs and budget. You can also check out the Remo pricing page for more information.

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