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Increase Your Event Revenue and Attendance with Affordable Ticketing

Kick off your event the right way with a simple yet flexible event ticketing platform. Turbocharge your event ROI with paid or free tickets, the lowest ticketing fees and instant payouts.

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Boost your event’s revenue and attendance with Remo’s Event Ticketing Solution

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Event Ticketing Platform with Exclusive Benefits


Maximize Your Event Revenue and ROI Effortlessly

Turbocharge your event sales with Remo’s flexible ticketing platform. Boost revenue with paid tickets and multiple tiers, ensuring every event delivers maximum value.

  • Create paid and free tickets easily

  • Offer multiple ticket tiers to optimize sales

  • Improve cashflow with instant and direct payouts

  • Enjoy the most competitive ticketing fees

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Create paid event tickets to maximise your event’s revenue and ROI
A comparison between Remo’s affordable ticketing fees versus other event ticketing platform fees


Boost Your Bottom Line with an Affordable Ticketing Solution

Why spend more if you don’t have to? With Remo’s ultra-low event ticketing fees, maximize your profits and save thousands from every event.

  • Enjoy a special flat rate of $0.99 per paid ticket

  • Create free tickets without spending a dime

  • Fully transparent event ticketing fees – no surprises

  • Choose to absorb costs or pass them onto attendees


Supercharge Event Attendance with Customized Registration

Boost signups with a registration process tailored to your event. Collect only the information you need and guarantee a seamless registration experience with Remo's event ticketing platform.

  • Monetize your event with free or paid tickets

  • Capture key attendee information during registration

  • Boost attendee turnout with automated reminders

  • Streamline registration to maximize conversions

Remo’s ticketing solution lets you create tickets while customising the entire registration process
Elevate your career fair with authentic networking, skill-building workshops, and educational seminars all on one virtual solution


Manage Event Registration and Engagement All in One Place

Simplify event planning with Remo’s comprehensive event and ticketing platform. Effortlessly manage everything from registration to post-event follow-up on one intuitive platform.

  • Manage the full event journey on a single platform

  • Track registrations and ticket sales in real-time

  • Engage and captivate attendees with interactive tools

  • Easily gather and analyze feedback for future events

3-Step Event Ticket Creation to Monetize Your Event in Minutes

Click Add Ticketing to start creating your virtual event tickets
Enter ticket details like name, quantity and price (free or paid)Monitor your sales on your event registration dashboard

Event Ticketing Platform & Other Use Cases

Explore Remo’s All-in-One Platform for all your event needs; from Virtual Conferences to Webinars

Event Ticketing Platform FAQs

How much does it cost to use Remo’s ticketing solution?

Remo is committed to affordability: our ticketing features are included free with any paid Remo plan. For ticket fees though:

  • Free tickets are always free

  • Paid tickets cost $0.99 each plus a 2% transaction fee – the 2% is currently waived until April 30th, 2025

How to sell tickets for an event online?

With Remo's event ticketing platform, selling tickets online is efficient and cost-effective. Just create your event, set up your ticket tiers, and share your event link. Our solution eliminates the need for complex post-event invoicing and messy booking fees.

Which is the best event ticketing software?

When selecting an event ticketing software, look for a platform that offers simple registration, flexible ticketing options, and low-cost fees. Remo, for example, provides all this and more to guarantee a comprehensive and seamless experience.

Does Remo offer a free trial or demo?

Yes! Remo offers a personalized demo with one of our product experts. They’ll discuss your upcoming event needs, and demo the platform so you can experience it for yourself. Just fill in our book demo form here

How to create tickets for an event?

This can vary depending on the platform you go for.  For instance, Remo's event ticketing platform is very simple – just pick a ticket name, decide the price, set the quantity, and you’re ready to go!

Why do you need event ticketing software?

Event ticketing solutions simplifies selling tickets and registering attendees, making event management more easier for an organizer. Remo’s solution is simple, affordable and scalable, ensuring you maximize your event’s potential without compromising its profits.

What event ticketing features does Remo offer?

Remo provides comprehensive event ticketing capabilities, including multiple ticket tiers, both free and paid ticket options, customizable registration forms, and instant payouts through Stripe, to name a few.

What is a ticketing platform?

An event ticketing platform allows attendees to purchase tickets and register for events. The best platforms, like Remo, enhance this process by offering additional features such as custom registration questions to enrich attendee data.

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  • Monetize events with paid and tiered event tickets

  • Boost profitability with the lowest ticketing fees

  • Streamline event registration with a ticketing platform

  • Manage the full event experience on one platform

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