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How Network My Club grew its membership with virtual events

By using Remo, Network My Club was able to scale their events up, focus on high-quality experiences, and ultimately see a 70% boost in membership.

surge in membership

Solving a 40% membership decrease

Network My Club’s pre-virtual business model pioneered elite business networking events in iconic sporting venues. Hosting 75 to 150 person events that helped build valuable relationships between their members was their clear-cut value proposition.

Switching to a virtual medium forced Network My Club to alter its event format to fit Zoom’s inflexible experience. Because of the limitations presented by Zoom, they condensed their event size to just 15 guests to keep their events engaging, intimate, and interactive.

As they tried to deliver up to 12 smaller events per week instead of just 1 to 2 large ones, event quality became a challenge. This ultimately led to exhausted employees, low morale, and a 40% loss in membership.

“…for us to run events of any scale on Zoom was really difficult. We were having to do lots of them, it was really exhausting…And so I started to look at other solutions.”

Bradley Hatchett, Founder & Managing Director of Network My Club

Orchestrating a 70% membership boost

The Network My Club team zeroed in on Remo, which soon became the catalyst to save their business and produce the experiences they envisioned.

Immediately, Network My Club revived their large-scale events returning to just 1 to 2 high-quality events a week. Each event flourished with 50 to 60 guests building lasting relationships.

With authentic conversations and genuine connections back on the table, their membership saw a drastic 70% surge.

“…we wouldn’t have been able to grow our membership there [on Zoom]. We could have delivered on some calls and some events, but we wouldn’t have been able to grow. And that’s something we’ve definitely been able to do using Remo because we can get more people in the event, and we can just create fun environments.”
– Bradley Hatchett

Transforming events for a thriving membership

Remo put Network My Club’s guests back in the driver’s seat with full control of their networking with an array of intuitive features.

Freedom to move between tables and informally engage with other guests breathed life back into Network My Club events. Simultaneously, unique custom floor plans transformed each event into an immersive, memorable experience.

Event-wide announcements and Timer provides structure to keep networking purposeful yet free-flowing. At the same time, guests love the “Join my table!” feature as it replicates the experience of calling a new friend over to an exciting conversation.

Having proven that virtual events are viable for business, Network My Club is excited to expand their portfolio to include virtual and live events when stadiums around the UK are open again.

“We will have a blended event schedule of live events and online events, and so our use of Remo and the way that we’ve been using it will continue moving forward.”
– Bradley Hatchett

Are you ready to revive your events virtually and grow your membership?

How Network My Club Grew its Membership with Virtual Events.

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