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How MAPLE® Business Council kept their 100+ members spread across 6,000 miles connected virtually

Maintaining a Virtual Community Spanning Thousands of Miles and 21 Industries.

members connected over 6,000 miles

MAPLE Business Council®’s mission is to connect Southern California, New York, and British Columbia by fostering a community of business organizations and executives that want to collaborate on investment, trade, and entrepreneurship opportunities. They do this through interactive events that bring their members together to network and learn.

“Community is a really big part of our DNA at MAPLE®, we bring together senior business people, in a kind of a grassroots way, where you actually shake a hand and have some chance to socialize and really build relationships…

…But when we initially switched to virtual our events became content-driven and geared more towards presentations. There was no networking component, per se….we lost a really important part of our events…”

Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong, Co-Founder MAPLE Business Council®

The lack of networking and interaction poured cold water on MAPLE®’s vision for their virtual events. They resigned themselves to operate in a world of restrictive virtual breakout rooms and mass video conversations that paradoxically don’t let anyone get a word in edgewise.

Discovering a Virtual Venue for Meaningful Conversations

After experiencing Remo as guests, MAPLE®’s Co-founders, Stephen and Robert, knew they had found the solution to virtual interactivity. With Remo, they could revive their events’ most essential element – networking in a relaxed and familiar environment.

“…when we came across the Remo platform, we felt that we were able to recreate the room, which is what we were used to doing. We could invite people to come into the room, and have a chat, and get to reconnect with your colleagues… Remo allowed for more intimate conversations.”

Robert Kelle
Robert Kelle, Co-Founder MAPLE Business Council®

Additionally, the ability to design custom floor plans meant that MAPLE® could set up a room that is uniquely their own. From the colors to customized banners and event material distributed across the room, they can recreate a friendly environment where members form connections naturally.

The Secret Sauce to Keeping a Community Connected

MAPLE®’s switch to Remo reinvigorated their meetings and brought a fresh sense of community to their events

“…the feedback from our members has been unanimously positive…they say it feels like they’re really networking…

…And, the fact that the tables are no larger than six seats means they’re having real conversations with people…and there’s a real fun element,  as well as practical value in being able to talk with people before presentations start.”

Stephen Armstrong
Stephen Armstrong, Co-Founder MAPLE Business Council®

With authentic conversations back on the table, the MAPLE® team is excited about creating a buzz about Remo in their network.

Are you ready to create a buzz in your virtual events to foster elevated and meaningful networking experiences?

How MAPLE® Business Council Kept Their 100+ Members Spread Across 6,000 miles Connected Virtually.

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