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Boost leads and engagement with Remo’s Webinar Platform

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Webinar Platform with Exclusive Benefits

Supercharge your lead pipeline and drive revenue with highly converting webinars on Remo’s Webinar Platform


Engage and Immerse Your Webinar Audience

Turn passive viewers into active leads with cutting-edge interactive tools. Captivate your audience and supercharge your webinar engagement like never before.

  • 3.2x more engagement than other webinar platforms

  • Fully immerse attendees with branded virtual spaces

  • Empower meaningful conversations with leads

  • Drive interaction with robust tools like polls and Q&A

Host a Ticketed Event
Remo’s conversation mode to form a comprehensive webinar solution
: Qualify leads faster using Remo’s webinar platform through polls, surveys, CTAs, and more


Effortlessly Qualify Leads with Webinar Engagement Data

Identify and nurture your highest potential leads using Remo's webinar solution. Make lead qualification easy with robust engagement, demographic and session analytics.

  • Identify top leads with webinar engagement data

  • Capture intent signals using polls, surveys, and CTAs

  • Foster genuine conversations with high-intent leads

  • Focus on high-value leads to maximize nurture efforts


Empower Sales to Convert Webinar Leads Faster and Better

Transform your prospects into paying customers faster with Remo's webinar platform. Leverage attendee insights to craft follow-ups that resonate with your leads.

  • Propel leads down the marketing funnel faster

  • Drive immediate conversions with in-app pop-ups

  • Easily share insights with Sales and GTM teams

  • Personalize follow-ups to boost conversion rates

Share lead insights from Remo’s webinar solution with Sales teams to boost conversion faster
Elevate your career fair with authentic networking, skill-building workshops, and educational seminars all on one virtual solution


Maximize Your Webinar Registrations and Attendance

Elevate your webinar promotion with Remo’s innovative AI-powered webinar marketing solutions. Build out your lead pipeline and ensure your webinar stands out.

  • Scale your webinars to attract a global audience

  • Boost attendance by 33% with effortless marketing

  • Automated reminders to boost attendee turnout

  • Fill every virtual seat with a prospective lead


Extend Your Brand with a White Labeled Webinar Platform

Give your brand the spotlight with a fully branded webinar solution. Make every aspect of your webinar unmistakably yours and enhance your brand identity.

  • Create fully branded virtual venues

  • Branded webinars with your logo, colors, and domain

  • Ensure brand consistency from start to finish

  • Guarantee your webinar stands out to leads

Customise Remo’s webinar platform with your own company branding
Simple and straightforward webinar setup using Remo’s webinar solution


Easily Set Up and Run Your Webinars in Minutes

Whether it’s 1 or 20 webinars, Remo’s webinar platform streamlines setup, letting you focus on what truly matters – engaging your audience.

  • Create webinars in 3 easy steps

  • User-friendly interface, perfect for all skill levels

  • Simplify setup with basic and advanced settings

  • Dedicated support at every step

What’s a Social Webinar?

Why choose between presentations and networking?
Enjoy both seamlessly with Remo’s all-in-one webinar platform

Host Engaging Presentations

Use Remo’s Presentation Mode to deliver engaging webinar presentations

Foster Meaningful Conversations

Use Remo’s Conversation Mode to foster authentic networking during your webinar

Webinar Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews shared by event guests about their experience on the webinar platform!

“I've been using Remo for our webinars, and the results speak for themselves. Our attendance numbers grew 40%, thanks to their comprehensive marketing plan. It's like having a full house every time we go live!”

Sarah Turner
Marketing Manager

“Remo is a game-changer! I love how immersive the experience is. You can easily set up and run an event. It allows me to continue producing virtual events and engage with people in a direct way. This platform truly goes beyond a webinar.”

Georgie-Ann Getton
CEO of GSD Solutions

“Remo has been a game-changer for us. With their platform, we've not only grown our webinar attendance by 40%, but we've also gained valuable insights into our leads' engagement levels. It's like having a secret weapon that helps us identify and nurture our hottest prospects. Highly recommend!”

Alex Mitchell
Sales Director

“Excellent webinar platform. The networking tables feature is quite unique. The webinar style presentation abilities are actually quite good. Everything seems to work well. Really good for webinars and large scale pitch events. Any large event, this platform is phenomenal, and should be an excellent choice.”

G2 Reviewer

“Easy to use with a great attendee experience. It allows people to network naturally within a virtual event. Remo is allowing us to have networking time before our programs, which we always had in-person, but couldn’t do with other webinar platforms.”

Danielle P.
Director, Programs

“Remo has transformed our approach to lead conversion. Thanks to the attendee insights we get from Remo, our sales reps are able to tailor messaging for each follow-up. We’re now able to close deals and convert leads two times faster than before!”

Emily Rogers
Event Coordinator

“Highly visual, participative + great support community from Remo team. Gives a more immersive experience for participants than the usual webinar platforms. Conversion from registered to attended is higher for our online events than it was for our in-person events. Our stakeholders love the interactive format.”

G2 Reviewer

“Remo allows users to build webinar and setup quickly in no time. Allows valid customisation and user interaction. You do not require an additional application to run the webinar. You can do much more than just a webinar -  you can have audience and presenters interact face to face via video conference. It allows attendees to talk to one another.”

G2 Reviewer

Webinar Platform Features to Drive Leads and Engagement

Boost your revenue and lead generation with the top features of Remo’s webinar software

Propel Leads Through Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel

Remo’s Webinar Platform empowers you to host immersive webinars that build your pipeline and accelerate revenue.

Examples of webinars you can host at each stage of the marketing funnel

Webinar Platform & Other Use Cases

Explore Remo’s All-in-One Platform for all your event needs; from Virtual Conferences to Hiring Events

Webinar Platform FAQs

How can I make Remo webinars more interactive

Remo’s webinar platform offers the standard interaction tools like polls, Q&A, and chat, but it also goes a step further. Boost attendee engagement further with real-time sound effects, reactions, and customizable virtual spaces. You can also bring guests onto the stage for live participation, for a truly immersive experience.

Can I brand my webinars on Remo?

Definitely! With Remo’s webinar software you can change colors, add your logo, or even customize the entire virtual setting. We also offer a white label option complete with a custom domain for a fully branded webinar experience.

What analytics does Remo’s webinar platform give?

Remo’s webinar solution provides detailed post- and real-time analytics that show attendee engagement and demographics. You’ll get metrics such as session duration, connections made, CTA clicks, and more.

Can I integrate Remo’s platform with any other apps?

At the moment, you can connect Remo’s webinar platform to other tools or apps using Zapier.

What type of pricing does Remo provide?

Remo’s pricing was designed to offer you the most flexibility. You can choose from 3 subscription types: one-time events, recurring webinars, or an enterprise solution. Book a demo with us today to get a quote for your exact webinar needs!

What is a Social Webinar?

A "Social Webinar" is Remo's unique, dual-mode experience that combines interactive presentations with authentic networking in one webinar platform. You can seamlessly transition between engaging your audience with compelling content and connecting them in meaningful, real-time conversations— all within the same online space.

What type of events is Remo’s webinar platform best for?

Remo’s webinar solution is versatile, making it an ideal choice for a variety of events. With it’s large set of interactive features though, Remo is best suited for events where interaction and engagement are key, like lead-generation webinars, product demos, and networking sessions.

How to host a webinar with Remo’s webinar solution?

Start by setting up your event details in Remo's platform, customize your virtual space, invite attendees, and launch your webinar. It’s that simple!

How many guests can Remo’s webinar software support?

Remo’s webinar platform supports unlimited registrations and up to 1000 attendees per online space. You can also link spaces together to host larger webinars.

Can I pre-record webinars?

Yes! With Remo’s webinar solution you can host live, semi-live, or fully pre-recorded content giving you full flexibility.

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