Create Meaningful Connections in Higher Education

We've passed the second anniversary of the pandemic and it still keeps on surprising us with continued volatility and uncertainty in our lives bouncing our students, faculty and administration between in-person and remote education. It's time to find a solution to create meaningful connections in the new normal.

Fight Online Meeting Fatigue

With Remo's virtual event platform potential and current students can engage with their peers, faculty, administration and athletic departments in a way that closely reflects real world environments.

Bring together your past and current students with potential employers, entrepreneurs, investors and others to create new opportunities to engage.

Enabling Higher Education Digital Transformation since 2019

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a woman speaking at a virtual conference.

Faculty, students and alumni use Remo for rich online engagement from poster sessions to career fairs

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Universities and other educational institutions have been pioneering different ways to engage already prior to pandemic but the last two years have significantly increased the velocity in digital leap to ensure continuity during forced closures and remote first environments.

Below are some of the use cases that our customers have developed and executed successfully around the world. Click on the use case below for more details!

Engaging Virtual Environments

A university custom floorplan.

Zoom fatigue is real and many of the common remote tools are not engaging the students, staff, parents nor other stakeholders. It's imperative to design environments that are conducive to learning and engagement ensuring rich and rewarding experience.

With Remo, organizations can design their own environments or engage one of many Remo certified design partners to create an environment just for them - want to highlight your brand new student center? No problems! Want to show off your renovated athletic facilities? No issue - you can have a second building in your environment!

Increase Usability and Engagement of Common Tasks

A video showing how breakout rooms work within Remo.

Share research on a global stage while protecting proprietary information

Use profile cards for global peer-to-peer collaboration and connections  

Recreate an environment familiar to your users with a customizable floor plan

Allow individuals to protect their sensitive information and multimedia though secure and lockable whiteboards

Customize your online event experience

Recreate familiar or unique physical spaces in the virtual world with customizable floor plans  

Give users the flexibility to move freely from presentation-to-presentation without having to be sorted manually

Select your table size from intimate discussions to private large-group conversations

A video displaying the whiteboard capabilities within Remo using Miro.
A video showing how breakout rooms work within Remo.

Maintain rights and access to sensitive information

Allow presenters to control who can see what information and for how long 

Display multimedia content for a professional presentation

Create and publish templates to maintain a cohesive look and feel across all presentations

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