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Remo makes it simple to create a delightful, immersive virtual space that empowers people to communicate, connect, and collaborate with anyone just like you would in real life.

Custom scientific poster boards

Showcase your research posters, graphs, handouts, poster title, all virtually with booths you can easily personalize with conference posters, headings, research project images and graphs, anything you need. You can even zoom in on the poster size to see it better. Your annual meetings will have better poster design and readability than ever before.

Scientific conferences without borders

Remo makes good poster sessions accessible to a larger and more diversified audience giving you access to more funding and increased peer-to-peer collaboration opportunities.

Oral presentations presented perfectly

With Remo you can jump into presentation mode and have the poster authors give powerpoint presentations, answer questions with an upvotable Q&A, have professional conferences, and much more.

Easily shareable contact information

You can talk in small groups, network, and share your information easily with profile cards.

Faculty and Students from these institutions and more use Remo for rich online engagement

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Increase access to funding for  projects by 55%
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Boost your show-up rate by 76%

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