Never let your remote team work alone again.

Remo is a virtual office solution that takes the best parts of working at an office and puts them online to build culture and replicate real-time collaboration.
users with microphone
& camera on
more engagement than Zoom or MS Teams
increase in employee happiness
hybrid and remote companies using Remo
Executive Roundtables
Internal Meetings
Client Sales
Happy Hours
Team Building
Networking Events
Client Sales

Work better together, build culture and camaraderie

Whether you are looking to hold effective discussions or host company-wide townhalls, Remo has got you covered with a wide array of use cases – beyond just meetings – that put people at the center and humanize the online experience.
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Build an amazing culture that retains your talent

Create an immersive space that engages your remote and hybrid team and allows culture to permeate across the digital divide. Remo creates more opportunities for authentic conversations that build more meaningful relationships.
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a custom floorplan.a custom floorplan.
a virtual office custom floorplan.
a beach-house style custom floorplan.a bar lounge custom floorplan.
a bar lounge custom floorplan.
a custom floorplan.a custom floorplan.
a virtual office custom floorplan.
a beach-house style custom floorplan.a bar lounge custom floorplan.
a bar lounge custom floorplan.

3x your engagement with visually stunning environments, eliminating Zoom fatigue

Let your team immerse themselves in stunning environments by creating multiple rooms and floors for different purposes.

Choose from a variety of different environments or design your own to immerse your colleagues
Design your office
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Breakdown silos and increase productivity with a transparent work model

Get the best of “work from home” and “work in the office”.

Make your work environment transparent so you can visualy see each other but not invading anyone's privacy or disrupting deep work. Eliminate silos and retain high productivity as if you were all working together.
Improve remote work
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All the tools you need to collaborate, grow culture, and build relationships

Remo gives you all the options to collaborate and interact seamlessly with features like whiteboards and the ability to embed web apps.

Get the authentic office experience with “water cooler areas” for those spontaneous conversations or “reserve meeting rooms” by locking tables.

Enterprise-class security and data protection

Keeping your data private and secure is our utmost priority. We strive to uphold the highest standard of security and compliance in order to provide the best customer experience possible.
a visual list of security standards Remo adheres to, including ISO, SOC, and SSO.

Trusted by 1000+ companies and institutions worldwide

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Why highly productive remote and hybrid teams choose Remo

I recommend my corporate clients use Remo to better collaborate across their organisation & ensure employees get to meet everyone. It's a great option to get people talking to each other.
Georgia Roberts
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a woman smiling.

Individual rooms or tables are an excellent idea! It's a good practice for virtual office or meetings as it creates private areas for conversations.
Georgia Roberts
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a man smiling

I love how large groups of people can gather, move around freely, share, collaborate & connect so easily while networking. It's easy to use and decorate as you would a traditional space.
Georgia Roberts
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a woman smiling.

Evolve to the next level of remote work that is both human-centered and optimized for productivity

Medium of interaction
Visual immersive space
Remote experience
Employee retention/ happiness
Proximity bias
Visibility of your team members
Private rooms
Hybrid Remote Work 2.0
Remo logo
Virtual Office
Customizable & brandable
40% higher
More opportunities for serendipity
and purposeful conversations
Visual, graphical representation of someone’s presence and if they are talking
Table conversation-based
All in the same space
$4 per concurrent user
(no fixed list of users)
Hybrid Remote Work 1.0
Slack, MS Teams, Discord
Isolating, self-serve
Reduced or the same
Favors those at the office
Little socialization and
very transactional
Colored status light
Channel text-based
Different apps & windows
$6-$8 per named user

The most affordable tool to run better online gatherings

Starting at $83 per month, for 25 users, each additional user only costs $3 per month
Flexible pricing to flex according to your needs
No named users, just purchase max capacity for your space
All the engagement boosting features you’ll ever need
a screenshot of the Remo virtual event platform in presentation mode.

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