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Empower Your Recruitment Efforts with Remo's Virtual Hiring Platform

Streamline the hiring process by effortlessly connecting top talent with global employers on our virtual job fair platform. Conduct interviews, discuss job opportunities, and share resumes – all in your virtual job fair on Remo.

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Virtual Job Fair Platform with Exclusive Benefits


Boost Resumes Collected with Genuine Employer Networking

Increase the number of resumes employers collect with networking that feels real. Foster genuine communication and exchange between recruiters and job seekers.

  • Replicate a job fair hall with multiple company booths

  • Let candidates network freely and naturally

  • Boost guest engagement with real-time conversations

  • Host concurrent private interviews, group discussions and large-scale presentations; all in one virtual job fair platform

Host a Virtual Job Fair
Embed your website or job portal in content banners to easily collect resumes and applications
Attract candidates and employers from all over with a browser-based platform attendees can access from anywhere


Maximize Attendance and Participation at Virtual Job Fairs

Extend your job fair's reach with a global network of companies and candidates. Host your virtual hiring event on Remo for high attendance and effortless participation.

  • Boost registrations with Remo’s AI-driven marketing

  • Mobile-friendly so candidates can join from anywhere

  • Browser-based virtual job fair platform; no downloads

  • Collect key candidate info with customizable registration questions


Accelerate Hiring with Instant Interviews and Job Offers

Effortlessly streamline recruitment for job seekers and employers with real-time interviews and offers. Empower faster hiring decisions and swift responses on Remo's virtual job fair platform.

  • Guarantee more job offers for candidates

  • Securely exchange and review candidate resumes

  • Conduct personality or skills tests with ease

  • Host private 1-1 or group interview sessions

Conduct instant real-time interviews, discussions or tests to make hiring decisions faster
Raise brand awareness for participating companies with fully customised virtual booths


Amplify Employer Branding with Bespoke Virtual Booths

Immerse candidates and capture their attention with fully branded virtual booths. Elevate the candidate experience while giving participating companies their own spotlight.

  • Create tailored and unique online job fair halls

  • Make each booth stand out with customized branding

  • Showcase relevant company and job information on dedicated banners or booth whiteboards

  • Track and share candidate interactions at each booth

Virtual Job Fair Platform: Testimonials by Customers

Don’t take it from us – check out Remo reviews shared by event guests about their experience on the virtual job fair platform!

Remo rating: 5/5

Excellent Career Fair

“I like the ease of use and the ability to be face to face in virtual rooms. With Remo’s job fair platform, I can host a hiring event without being in-person. Members are also able to meet with multiple candidates without it tying up their whole day.”

Kamita M.
Director of Workforce Development

Remo rating: 5/5

Virtual DELIGHT Conferencing Platform

“I give Remo a 10 out of 10. If I could I’d give it a 10+, because it’s wonderful, easy to use and really a superior product. We got more of a response than we ever had and it was such a wonderful platform because it really did simulate the live in-person that we would have had and got more people to come.”

Karen M.
Director of Student Engagement

Remo rating: 4/5

Remo is an indispensable partner for our "Online Job Fairs"

“Our "Online Job Fairs" focus on dialogue between companies and participants. The great thing about "Remo" is that it allows participants to interact with each other online while understanding each other's location. The commitment to our Online Job Fairs cannot be achieved without Remo.”

Sota K.

Remo rating: 5/5

I love Remo!

“I like the ability to move rooms at any moment and have the freedom to do so. Additionally, I enjoy how it has all of the features of zoom (like screensharing) with the autonomy of real life and choosing where you can go.”

Kayla N.
Brand Associate

Remo rating: 4/5

Job Fairs very good however can improve with group chats

“Platform is very simple to use. Chat, video and features are very easy to use. We do the largest job fair for people with disabilities for San Diego County. This allowed for a equal play field for all people (disabled or not) to access a platform and talk about jobs available. I can see several opportunities for this platform in the future!”

G2 Reviewer
Civic & Social Organization

Remo rating: 5/5

We have loved showcasing, promoting and using Remo

“The ability to set up and use Remo is remarkably easy. I love the branding opportunities and being able to move freely between tables. The service and turnaround time is amazing. Our customers are impressed with the platform and we have many repeat events which shows the attendees also like this”

Larna J.
Business Owner

Remo rating: 5/5

Remo is a game changer

“With a large number of attendees, it was challenging to find a platform that would deliver an engaging experience for our attendees and partners alike. After our first demo of Remo, it was clear that there wasn’t anything else like it. We finished the event with a wealth of knowledge and so many ideas on how to use this in future events.”

G2 Reviewer
Education Management

Remo rating: 5/5

There is no competition

“In general, other than the few people who have problems with getting it to work, people are every bit as impressed with the platform as I am. They like the way it permits much larger social gatherings than zoom, more natural flows of people and movements around, and the generally intuitive interface.”

Cassady T.

Virtual Job Fair Platform & Other Use Cases

Explore Remo’s All-in-One Platform for all your event needs; from Virtual Career Fairs to Conferences

Virtual Job Fair Platform FAQs

How many employers and candidates can attend?

Remo supports unlimited virtual booths and up to 1000 attendees per space. For larger job fairs, you can easily link halls together to host even more candidates and employers.

Can I conduct interviews in a virtual job fair?

Yes! On Remo, you can lock tables for private discussions or interviews. You can also customize your job fair hall with the specific table sizes you want - whether it’s for 1-1 or panel interview sessions.

Is Remo mobile-friendly?

Yes! Remo supports attending job fairs on mobile. However, for the best experience, we recommend joining from a laptop or desktop.

Does Remo offer a free plan?

Remo does not currently have a free plan, but we encourage you to book a demo with our team so you can experience Remo first-hand while we discuss your job fair needs.

What is a virtual job fair?

A virtual job fair is an online event that connects job seekers with employers and recruiters in a virtual environment. Employers can interview candidates in real-time and fill positions faster, while candidates can explore open positions and submit resumes from anywhere.

What are the best virtual job fair platforms?

The best virtual job fair platform will offer a user-friendly interface, robust networking features, and customizable options for hosting engaging job fairs. Each platform offers unique features, so it's important to consider what you actually need when choosing the right one for your job fair.

How does a virtual job fair work?

A virtual job fair is an online event where attendees can explore virtual booths hosted by different companies, chat with recruiters, attend interviews, and submit resumes for real job opportunities.

How long does it take to set up a virtual job fair?

On Remo, setting up a job fair is easy. Though, for the best job fair, we recommend giving yourself about 4 weeks to set up. This includes planning, marketing, virtual hall design, and training participating employers.

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