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How the NMIMS Student Council found a better solution for their Matter Mind event

The NMIMS Student Council increased their event attendance by 60% in comparison to their events the prior that were hosted on Zoom!

increased attendance

About the NMIMS Student Council 

The Student Council at the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) represents a student body of over 15,000. As a team of 13 executive members, the student council is the bridge between students and faculty.

“Our job is to coordinate with the administration as well as the students to have a better bridge between the two parties… learn how to communicate their concerns to their administration. We also partnered with various clubs and committees across the campus to ensure that everything runs smoothly”
–NMIMIS Executive Student Council Member

The Challenge

“Finding a platform that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing”

The largest event that the NMIMS Student Council hosts is a game show-like business competition called Matter Mind. This year, tasked with bringing this annual event to a virtual platform, they began their hunt for the right virtual event platform.   

The biggest challenge that they faced was finding a solution that gave them the ability to easily interact with guests with minimal manpower. The platform also needed to be easy to use for both organizers and guests.

“We wanted to create a mega-college event which required a fun, interactive, and aesthetically beautiful platform. We have been living in this virtual environment for over a year because of COVID. It mentally exhausting and monotonous.This event had to feel different from our lectures and formal events…”
–NMIMIS Executive Student Council Member

The Solution

“We wanted to test out Remo since we tested out a different platform last year”

Like most, the Student Council first tried to mold their event to fit typical video conferencing tools. But they soon realized  these tools were not suited for high engagement and interactivity. On top of that, the logistics of running a gameshow-like event on these platforms were not efficient. 

In the search for a solution that allowed them more flexibility and ease of use, the NMIMS Student Council found Remo.

“Our event need was very specific – an interactive competition with a networking element. We needed to find a platform that  did not make our audience feel restricted or limited”
–NMIMIS Executive Student Council Member

With Remo’s customizable floor plans and the ability to have tables that felt less restrictive than normal breakout rooms, Remo was the perfect fit for Matter Mind event. 

“The first thing that caught our attention was the customizable floor plans. Our event was very specific to our need- an interactive competition with a networking aspect to the event. We needed to find a platform that gave us flexibility to do both without us or our audience feeling limited"
–NMIMIS Executive Student Council Member

The Results

“We hosted 60% more attendees on Remo than we did last year!”

The event garnered over 200 attendees. With over six rounds of competition held between the teams of students, the final round was able to retain over 70 attendees to see which team reigned supreme as the Matter Mind 2021 Champions!

The event itself was a smashing success

“With Remo, it was easier to customize your experience with the different floor plans, free movement, and the constant encouragement of interactivity throughout the event.”
–NMIMIS Executive Student Council Member

By hosting their event on Remo over other video conferencing platforms, the student council was able to host Matter Mind with just half the number of organizers and volunteers than expected.

With improved logistical efficiency, they were able to focus on delivering a high-quality event that their guests found valuable and engaging.

How the NMIMS Student Council found a better solution for their Matter Mind event.

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