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Inside the making of Northstar’s 150% virtual events performance bump

Crossing the divide between in-person to digital events.

performance bump

The Mission

Northstar is renowned for arranging customized meetings between buyers and sellers of travel & hospitality industry services. These buyers and sellers can skip the pain of traditional networking – such as filtering through exhibitor messaging and small talk to find the right partners.

When it became imperative to transition a very significant channel of their business – live events – into a virtual medium, they knew they had to do so without losing the quality of their results for customers.

“If you look at our business model, and you consider our marketing funnel, our websites and email newsletters are the mouths of the funnel… And at the bottom of our funnel, we had our in-person buyer events…But then the pandemic struck.”
David Blansfield, Executive Vice President/Group Publisher, Meetings Group

Switching the events to a virtual medium was no small task. It required months of retraining, retooling, and rethinking how to maintain results and assure customers that virtual events were still a good investment.

The Solution

The road from in-person to virtual

Northstar searched for a platform that mimics the in-person experience, allowing crisp presentations along with free-flowing networking opportunities.

That’s when they found Remo…

In their search for virtual event solutions, they found that Remo’s promise to help create meaningful connections through authentic conversations was exactly the kind of experience they were looking for. Using Remo, Northstar is able to give guests the freedom to connect virtually that other tools cannot.

“…Remo is the most like being in a ballroom…you can look across the room and see where Jane is sitting and you can go over and talk to Jane. Or if you want to avoid Bob, because you don’t like Bob anymore. You can do that on Remo…

And when people get their heads around how easy Remo is to use, it really relaxes them and lets them enjoy the platform instead of being anxious about new technology…”
Angela Cox, Senior Director of Meetings and Events

The Results

A miraculous transformation from in-person to virtual

What happened next far surpassed their most optimistic forecasts!

Not only was Northstar able to deliver engaging events that still connected businesses to critical resources and provided invaluable industry insights, but they also saw higher engagement than with their in-person events. They experienced a 150% increase in customized meetings successfully completed by switching the events to a virtual medium.

Previously live events averaged 18-21 appointments over 2-3 days. Now in Remo events, there are 10 meetings completed in just half a day. Half the time and twice the productivity! These outstanding outcomes for customers resulted from time saved, reduced travel, and increased information flow via technology.

Ready to experience a real engagement tool that generates authentic connections and higher ROI?

Inside the Making of Northstar’s 150% Virtual Events Performance Bump.

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